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About Market Sentinel’s Upwork Reviews Packages

With the advancement of technology, it is not a hard thing to buy Upwork reviews in bulk. Today, there’s no need for you to run an extensive online campaign just to get a few remarks from your clients or customers. Instead, what you need to do is just purchase authentic Upwork reviews.

Indeed, the availability of genuine Upwork reviews is a significant development in the world of freelancing. You have to remember that reviews are used to boost your reputation on this freelancing platform. Once you get a lot of reviews, your profile will also increase its rank on Upwork’s algorithm. And hence, increasing your chance of getting hired.

If you want to order legitimate reviews for your Upwork account, just contact the Market Sentinel. We employ the most advanced method of soliciting Upwork reviews from real users. Our services also come with a variety of plans to cater to your specific needs.

Why You Need To Buy Upwork Reviews

  • Boost Your Ranking. Buying Upwork reviews from a trusted service provider. Why? Because if you buy Upwork reviews, you’ll get more clients. Once you have a lot of positive reviews, the platform’s algorithm will tag you as a top-rated freelancer and will automatically display your profile on top of Upwork’s suggestion list.
  • Expand Your Reach. Positive rating are not only used to entice your prospective market but to advertise your freelance services as well. This is because marketing service providers will be running days of extensive advertising and email marketing campaigns to generate responses. So, it’s like hitting two birds in one stone- you increase the status of your Upwork profile, and at the same time and money, you’ll get a free advertising campaign.
  • Know Where You Stand. The main used of buying reviews on Upwork is to assess your status in your target market. Thus, if you buy Upwork reviews, you’ll know if you or your company is still doing the right thing or if there’s a need for you to deviate at some point. You can use the Upwork reviews to connect directly to the community and know if your services still matter to them
  • Tool for Improvement. If you buy Upwork reviews, you can transparently assess the performance of your account and also figure out whether you satisfy the expectations of your clients or not. Users’ comments are also very helpful in improving your forte or talent.

Why Market Sentinel is the Best Site to Buy Upwork Reviews? 

 The following are some of the reasons why you must only buy Upwork reviews from Market Sentinel. 

No Bots

Market Sentinel does not use bots in generating positive Upwork reviews. Instead, what we do is to target and rechannel a specific target audience to get real and valid responses.

With this, you are assured that all of our reviews (good or bad) are generated from real users who are willing to share their actual experiences on a particular Upwork service or project.

Excellent Customer Service

Another great thing about Market Sentinel is that our team are efficient and offer competent customer service.

If you have a question or maybe you have some issues with your order, don’t hesitate to contact us, and we will address your concern in no time.

Quicker Turnout

Market Sentinel offers quick delivery time of its Upwork reviews. And this is definitely a good thing, especially if you want a legit and trustworthy Upwork Account.

The speed of delivery will still depend on the quantity of orders and the type of target audience.


Complete Backup

What sets the Market Sentinel unique from other marketing service providers is its unmatched dedication to help Upwork freelancers thrive in the business.

Thus, aside from outsourcing legitimate reviews, the platform also provides a comprehensive step-by-step tutorial in terms of the effective handling of accounts, designing an efficient workflow, and crafting an interactive messaging scheme to prospective clients. These services come without any extra payment.

Genuine, Verifiable, Legitimate

For years, Market Sentinel holds an untarnished reputation in providing legitimate reviews to freelancers.

So, if you buy reviews on Upwork, you can expect a profile buildup in just a matter of days.

Well-crafted Reviews

At Market Sentinel, you can expect nothing but all well-written reviews. And these responses are not generated within just a few days.

In fact, the comments or responses need to pass a certain level of quality assurance first before they are delivered to you.

How To Buy Upwork Reviews From Market Sentinel

  1. Once you have select your package and make payment, you will be redirected to page to click on “Start Order” to fill up your details ( Upworok Profile URL) and other important info.
  2.  After you have filled up the info, we will start working on your order ( Make sure you have filled up the info in the dashboard for us to proceed)
  3.  The price of the packages DOES NOT include the job and any fee on Upwork. Our team will contact you again of the the total fees. (Note: for every job/hire, there’s a 3% fee for processing)
  4. We will collect the payment separately based on the payment method.
  5. For each reviews for 1 item only. Please make a separte order to get reviews for a different item.

Frequently Asked Questions About Buying Upwork Reviews

Here are a few frequently asked questions that we always received. If you have any other questions or concerns about buying Upwork reviews, feel free to contact our team. We’ll be more than happy to assist you.

1. Are The Upwork Reviews From Market Sentinel Real & Legit, or are They Fake Reviews?

We assured you that all of our business and freelancer reviews are genuine. We do not use bots to reflect fake positive reviews as what other marketing service providers are doing. At Market Sentinel, we follow a systematic process of getting reviews based on the identified market of a particular client. We do email campaigns to get relevant reviews. Most of the time, it will be based the user experience of your services even if you buy reviews. 

We also run advertisements on different social media platforms to encourage people to leave reviews on your profile.

2. Can I buy Negative Upwork Reviews or Custom Reviews?

Yes, you can buy negative reviews along with the positive ones. In fact, we encourage freelancers to post some negative comments on their profile to avoid getting flagged as spam. Don’t worry; you will get a payment markdown for negative comments.

3. Will I get banned? Can I buy Safe Upwork Reviews From Market Sentinel?

You will not be banned if you purchase positive Upwork reviews on Market Sentinel. Why? Because we always make sure that we follow Upwork’s Terms of Service. This means that all of our reviews are legitimate and do not include any malicious remarks.

4. Am I Buying Upwork Reviews (Hire Now) Instant or Fast, and is it Safe to Deliver Them faster?

  • On average, it will take seven business days to a month to complete your order. But of course, this span may vary depending on the quantity of your order and the specifications that you will make.
  • We do not send your positive reviews in bulk to prevent spam red flags. Instead, what we do is to gradually send your orders to make the growth of your reviews on Upwork organically.
  • We also consider the time needed to get responds to our review request. But rest assured, we will deliver your orders (gradually) the soonest possible time.

5. Can I Buy Upwork Reviews at a Cheaper rate? Can Market Sentinel do $5 Upwork Reviews?

It is safe to say that the Market Sentinel is the leading marketing service provider, and in terms of its payment, it remains very affordable. So, you don’t have to worry if you have a limited budget because this platform is more than willing to help you than to generate exponential profit.

6. Can I get users from certain countries only like buy Upwork Reviews USA, Reviews UK & Canada?

The answer is NO. While it is true that we can channel positive reviews in a particular market, but we cannot filter responses from a specific country. Now, if your account only works within a specific location, contact the Market Sentinel’s support team to know how to deal with this situation.

7. What Happens if the users are not Able to Leave Review After Service Being Delivered or a Posted Review Being Deleted?

The chance of having this scenario is very slim. Because we always make sure that people that we target are, indeed, interested in posting some reviews in your products or services. But if this happens, we will just offset your payment with our other digital marketing services.