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Gone are the days when running a Spotify promotion is such as time-consuming and challenging task. With the advent of technology, you can now buy authentic Spotify plays and increase the popularity of your tracks in an extremely fast phase.

Aside from genuine Spotify plays, you can also purchase monthly listeners and followers that can surely increase your relevance in this music-sharing platform. And if you are eyeing for an advanced Spotify promotion, you can also avail of other social media support services that are geared to promote your reputable profile online.

Are you looking for a service provider wherein you can buy guaranteed genuine Spotify plays? Kindly contact Market Sentinel.

In terms of providing genuine digital support, Market Sentinel is a trusted name. Several artists, singers, and freelance musicians from different parts of the world have already reaped the positive turnout brought by genuine Spotify plays from Market Sentinel.

So, if you want to thrive on Spotify and increase the relevance of your tracks, you might as well do the same thing. Entrust your Spotify account, playlist, and songs to us, and we will take charge.

We assure you of getting the most out of your Spotify portfolio in no time!


Why You Need To Buy Spotify Plays

    • To Increase Your Reach. You run a Spotify promotion with an end mind of increasing your reach. Well, this is really what will happen if you acquire a lot of plays. You will gain a tremendous number of Spotify listeners just by making them realize your impact on a broad audience. But you cannot just do Spotify music promotion by relying on your organic reach. It will take you several years just to draw and hook a few monthly listeners. Running a self-designed music promotion is, indeed, not an intelligent decision. The best way to increase your reach in a short span of time is through buying genuine Spotify plays. When you increase your plays, it will send some positive feed to the algorithm. Consequently, your profile will rank higher on the platform, and this will make you appear on top of the search suggestion list. This means that more people will find your profile and playlist, and eventually, they will become your followers.
    • To Monetize Your Music. A steady stream on Spotify will bring a sideline income to your end. In fact, if an artist got 1 million streams, Spotify will pay for about $6,000 – $8,400. Indeed, this is good cash flow considering that what you just have to do is to upload songs, create appealing playlists, and expand your Spotify followers. However, getting a million plays without applying some tweak is such an arduous task to do. So, to make you earn on Spotify without waiting for decades, just buy genuine Spotify plays. Once you acquire a lot of genuine plays on Spotify, it will influence other users to stream to your music as well.
    • To be Relevant. Do you know what makes singers and artists thrive in the show business? It is their relevance! They have to keep their reputation untarnished so that people will continue to patronize their endeavors. If your music promotion campaign is focused on Spotify, you need to keep your profile relevant to your target market. One way of doing this is by purchasing authentic and verified Spotify plays. Your Spotify plays will back up your reputation and capacity to influence people on a larger scale. Other streamers will be interested in listening to your playlist and original music once they saw your portfolio with a battery of genuine Spotify plays.

    These are some of the reasons why you need to buy genuine Spotify plays if you want your music promotion to succeed. These rationales apply both to laymen and royalties of Spotify. Are you convinced to buy Spotify plays now? Well, before you order Spotify plays in bulk, you should know first where to get premium, and genuine Spotify plays to ensure a higher return on investment (ROI).

    Why Market Sentinel is the Best Site to buy Spotify Plays

    Genuine Plays

    When it comes to social media promotions, you can rely on the competence of Market Sentinel. We assure you that all of the Spotify plays that we link to your tracks are all real. We do not use bots or other illegal means in our Spotify promotion.

    Hence, you can expect that real people will really play your songs. And your masterpiece will become hit, not only on Spotify but on other social media platforms as well.

    Trusted Service Provider

    Right from the start of our operation, we immediately established reputable integrity as one of the few providers of real Spotify plays.

    Our untarnished track record will speak for our competence. We are more than capable of promoting the profiles of royalties and artists online without using illegal means. This is because our mantra from the start is to provide genuine plays for or clients.

    We know that our clients capitalize much on the performance stats of their tracks. So, if you want to buy Spotify plays that are genuine, just contact the Market Sentinel. We assure you that you are in good hands.

    Affordable Price

    You must buy Spotify plays from us since our charges are very minimal. You can start to purchase genuine Spotify plays from us for as low as $20.00. But despite our low rates, you are assured that our plays can draw thousands of monthly listeners.

    This is because we tap real people in our Spotify promotion. We channel our target market through random profiling and sending a soft email. So, if you want to increase your monthly listeners for the cheapest cost, you must buy Spotify plays from Market Sentinel.

    We assure you that within just as day, you will observe a significant increase in your followers.

    Secured and Safe

    It is best to start your Spotify promotion by buying genuine Spotify plays from Market Sentinel. Aside from the fact that Market Sentinel provides real plays, you will also commend the security measures that it impose in sealing every transaction.

    You don’t need to disclose your personal details if you order Spotify plays from us. You don’t need to inform us that you are a well-known artist or singer in your country.

    Instead, we will only ask for relevant information, particularly the link of the track that you want to increase its organic plays.

    Protects You From Spam Flag

    When you buy paid Spotify plays from random vendors online, most likely, your account will be hit by a spam red flag after a day of boosting your playlist — being flagged as spam is the worst situation that may happen to an artist online.

    Once you are considered as spam, you are not anymore eligible to enjoy the number of perks that Spotify provides to most sought-after singer and social media influencer. If you don’t want to be tagged as spam, you must only buy Spotify plays from Market Sentinel.

    Our Spotify play is real; thus, it drives organic traffic towards your profile. Our genuine plays will also help you in reaching more people and share your unique taste for music.

    And eventually, once you get more plays and you did not receive any spam warning, this will pave for more income to your end. Keep in mind that Spotify pays for the accumulated plays you get from a particular track.

    Competent Customer Service

    Most people opt to buy Spotify plays from us because they highly-regard our customer support staff. It’s like when you avail of Spotify play from Market Sentinel; you are assured of an immediate resolve if in case a glitch happens.

    You can also rely on our competent and highly-skilled support staff if in case you want to know more about digital marketing. And of course, this goes beyond the plays on Spotify.

    You can also ask how to generate genuine Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter followers without violating the fairness and digital etiquette.

    How To Buy Spotify Plays

    • We will process your order the same day that you made your payment. Upon confirming receipt, we will immediately provide you with a dashboard wherein you have to specify the link of the track that you want to boost with genuine plays.
    • If in case your working email is different from your PayPal account, we cannot process your order immediately. We will conduct a verification first within that same day that you made your order. Once your integrity has been checked, we will immediately process your order of Spotify plays.
    • We usually send Spotify plays more or less two days to prevent any spam alert.


    FAQs About Buying Spotify Plays

    Is There a Possibility That my Account Will be Banned if I order Spotify Plays From Market Sentinel? Is it Safe to buy Spotify Plays Online?

    • No. You will not be banned if you buy from us since the plays that we provide come from real people. These plays really exist, can be validated on Spotify, and yield an increase to your monthly listeners. Take note that you will only be banned if you use bots and other illegal tweaks to generate plays. But if you order Spotify plays from Market Sentinel, you are assured of getting nothing but legitimate plays that will surely route organic traffic to your playlist.
    • Of course, it is safe to buy Spotify plays online as long as you order from a trusted and eligible vendor. This means that before you seal a deal, make sure you research first the background of a particular Spotify play vendor. First, check if the vendor automates or employs bots in promoting songs on Spotify. Keep in mind that once a vendor employs illegal tweaks, there’s a big possibility that you will be banned; thus, not anymore eligible to enjoy a number of Spotify perks.

    How Long Will it Take for my Order of Spotify Plays be Completely Delivered to me?

    • The delivery time of your genuine Spotify plays will depend on the package that you want to avail and the status of the tracks that you want to promote. But based on our service track record, we accomplished average orders of Spotify plays within 5-14 days.
    • If the songs that you want to promote reached less than 1,000 plays, we will start augmenting plays gradually per day. Once you upgrade your package, we will also provide a gradual increment each day to avoid spamming your tracks and account.
    • We advise those royalties and in-demand singers, and artists to start their order of Spotify plays under our premium plans. For as low as $165, we assure royalties and top-caliber artists an immediate promotion of their songs and drawing of more Spotify followers every month.

    Is it True That Market Sentinel Spotify Plays are Cheaper?

    • Over time, our goal is not to become the cheapest provider of digital support, such as linking real plays. What we aimed from the very start is to provide high-quality service. Although we are not the cheapest, we assure our clients that our rates are very reasonable. You can start your order of genuine plays for as low as $20.00. For Spotify royalties and top-caliber artists, we also offer premium packages for them. If you want to know more about or Spotify plays package, just send an email to Market Sentinel’s customer service team.

    Will I be Provided With a Dashboard to Trace the Status of my Spotify Plays?

    • Not really. We want our clients to see the dramatic increase in their Spotify plays directly. Also, we want them to personally assess how our Spotify plays could generate rapid growth in their monthly listeners. You don’t have to worry since you can immediately see the effect of our Spotify promotion service the moment that we start channeling authentic Spotify plays to your tracks or playlists. If you want to check the status of your Spotify plays or want to know how you can top up your order, just send an email to our friendly customer support team.

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