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Increasing the number of your Spotify followers is not that difficult nowadays. You just have to run a very effective promotion to take your career in music to the next level. Aside from buying plays or streams, another proven effective tweak to lift your profile in no time is to buy Spotify placement. Spotify placement simply pertains to the inclusion of your songs in the playlists of professional curators and tastemakers. Indeed, once your music has been included in the said influential playlist curators, this will pave organic traffic towards your account.

While it is true that there are lots of vendors online, still, you have to be very careful. You need to be cautious in buying Spotify placement since the internet is now flooded with lots of hoax service providers.

In terms of providing legitimate Spotify playlist placement, Market Sentinel is the top choice of professional singers. This is because we do not use bots in our Spotify playlist placement service. Aside from this, we also don’t compromise the profile of our clients since we do not spam their Spotify accounts. With our playlist placements promotion, you are also assured of getting organic followers since we do not incentivize our outsourcing subjects.

Do you want to know more reasons why you need to run a Spotify playlist promotion now? Just read on to know more.


Why You Need To Buy Spotify Playlist Placement

    • To Rank Better on Algorithm. You need to purchase Spotify placement to make sure that your music tops on the algorithm. Keep in mind that one of the tweaks to ensure that your music land better on the algorithm is by increasing your click-through-rate. The best way to boost your click-through-rate is by purchasing genuine Spotify playlist placement. Once your music is included in the playlist of high-caliber curators and tastemakers, you will definitely get more click-through-rates.
    • To Be Noticed. Spotify is a music sharing and streaming platform that requires a broad network for a user to thrive. This means that you really need to run a Spotify promotion to entice more followers. However, it is not easy to promote your song and generate a stable influx of followers by just merely relying on your organic reach. Instead, what you need to do is to purchase Spotify playlist placement and increase your streams in just a short period of time. If you purchase Spotify playlist placement, your music will gain more exposure online. This will pave for organic traffic that will result in your profile get good rounds on the internet. The more people that find your music on Spotify, the higher the chance that you will get a new set of followers every day.
    • To Draw More Followers Quickly. Like mentioned earlier, getting a tremendous number of followers is such an impossible thing to do if you don’t purchase Spotify playlists placements. Maybe your organic reach will channel a few followers to your Spotify playlists and promote your music to some extent, but still, this is futile compared to you purchasing Spotify playlist placement instead. The influx of your new Spotify playlists followers is constant and overwhelming once you avail of a Spotify playlist placement service.

    Why Market Sentinel is the Best Site To Buy Spotify Playlist Placement


    Market Sentinel is the top-notch vendor of genuine playlist placement simply because we are in the business for several years. Our experience made us aware of the ‘dos and dont’s’ of running an effective online promotion.

    We know how to boost your music by linking your music to the Spotify playlists of some of the most-respected playlist curators in the world. What we can assure the artists is that we will not use illegal means to promote music online.

    No Bots

    We boost the Spotify playlists of different artists the natural way- another good reason why you must choose the Market Sentinel to take charge of promoting your music.

    If you purchase from us, you are assured that your streams will grow naturally. We make sure that we will promote your music without violating Spotify’s Terms and Conditions.

    We will never employ bots just to fetch fake followers for you. Our playlist service is legitimate; thus, you must not look for other service online. You are 100% assured of getting a higher ROI if you order from Market Sentinel.

    Secured Deals

    As we channel your music to be included in the lineup songs of top playlist curators, we don’t compromise your identity.

    In other words, we will provide you with a legitimate playlist placement service while keeping your identity discreet.

    You don’t need to divulge your true identity, even if you are one of today’s famous Spotify artists. Also, we accept payment via PayPal, so there’s no risk of any online threats.

    High-Quality Service

    We want to serve artists and ordinary users to the tee; hence, we keep on improving our system. In fact, we complete playlist placement orders within a week without spamming your Spotify playlists.

    Aside from the genuine Spotify placement, we assure our clients of real engagements as well. This means that you can interact with the playlist curators if you want to sort out other means to promote your music to your target market.

    Complete Line of Package

    We have complete and flexible Spotify playlist plans to cater to your specific Spotify promotion demand.

    For those artists who want to have a dry run to check the effectiveness of our Spotify playlist placement outsourcing service, they can avail of our basic Spotify playlist package for as low as $150.00.

    Meanwhile, for Spotify artists that got a higher demand, they can proceed with our premium plan worth $300.00.

    Commendable Customer Service

    Aside from boosting the Spotify playlists of artists using legitimate ways, we are also known for our competent and friendly customer service support team. Thus, if you choose us to promote your Spotify playlists, you are in good hands. We assure you that we will not leave you until you hit your target ROI.

    Our customer service staff is always on the standby to help you out just in case any glitch occurs during the promotion of your song and boosting the number of your streams. If you want to be updated on the latest trends and the services that we offer, just send us your email address, and we will keep you posted.


    How To Buy Spotify Playlist Placement

    • Right after confirming your payment, we will immediately send you a dashboard for you to indicate the specific Spotify link of the song that you want to promote.
    • We don’t guarantee that your song will all the time land on its appropriate genre since we are doing this with legit methods. However, what we can assure is that our system will put your song on its best-matched sound on the platform.
    • The processing time of your order is within 24 hours. In some cases wherein clients input different emails and PayPal accounts, we need more time for verification prior to placing your order in the queue.
    • Since we want to grow your streams naturally, we will start linking your music to tastemakers more or less 24 hours after your order has been processed.

    FAQs About Market Sentinel’s Spotify Playlist Placement

    Is there any chance that I will be banned if I use this service?

    • NO. Since all of our services follow the legitimate means of outsourcing engagements, you are assured of getting real playlist placement from us.

    How Fast is the Delivery? Is it Safe if I Request for a Faster Delivery?

    • The usual time for delivery is from 5-7 days. But this delivery turnaround time will vary depending on the type and classification of your order. However, rest assured that we will provide you with genuine Spotify playlist placement the soonest possible time.
    • We do not cater to requests for faster delivery since this will just compromise the entire Spotify promotion. We know how to channel your tracks and increase your plays organically. At Market Sentinel, we value much the timing to ensure that the algorithm will not sense any drastic surge of your streams. This is because once the people streaming your account increased on an unprecedented scale, this could lead to flag your account as spam.

    Is it True That Market Sentinel’s Spotify Placements are way Cheaper?

    • Our playlist placement could not be the cheapest in the market today, but we keep our rates reasonable! Aside from this, we also provide genuine Spotify streams and plays. So, if you want to widen your reach online without spending too much, just contact us now. We at Market Sentinel assure growing your reach and streams without getting any spam red flags!


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