Spotify Marketing

Spotify marketing is now catching the attention of famous brands and businesses. It has been an untapped market of marketing for many years. Now even hottest brands these days target this platform due to the high engagement of the users, diversification and huge crowd. It can boost your sales and conversion. The marketing on Spotify is not only limited to musicians, but it can be surprisingly beneficial for almost all kinds of businesses. It is now worthy to do marketing on Spotify.

Why You Need To Market Your Brand on Spotify?

Huge Audience

Spotify has become one of the most famous social media nowadays. It has over 248 million monthly active users from different countries. According to statistics, 37% of the users are from Europe, 30% from North America, 22% from Latin America and 12% from the other parts of the world.

This means it is being used in different countries and continents. It has a diversified audience from different parts of the world. Most of the audience belongs to under 30 years of age group. Thus, with Spotify marketing, you can target the world.


Most brands are now moving towards marketing through audio. This has completely changed the way of marketing in the last few years.

There are more than 50 million tracks available on the channel. People have a very high engagement with audio tracks and the ads that come with them. There can be marketing through videos as well, but the main target of a marketer on Spotify is marketing through audio because of its high engagement. Users start playlists and leave them in the background.

Now you can imagine how much engaging the audio is. This can serve as the ultimate source of marketing through audio.

Brand Awareness

Spotify can be a beneficial platform for brand awareness. Many of the hottest brands have tried to make their brand popular and tell people what they are bringing new to the market.

As we told you, there is a huge audience out there, then it can create brand awareness among the people. You can also make your brand playlist. It a very powerful tool of new vocals and bands to make their brand popular in the market, but it is also beneficial for other brands as well. It can be used for creating awareness about new car cars, upcoming events, deals, etc.