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It is now easier than ever to buy SoundCloud plays. When looking to turbocharge your exposure on SoundCloud, you need more plays.

Opt for the right package from Market Sentinel and see your plays soar. We do not use bots. When you buy real SoundCloud plays from us, we guarantee you speedy delivery, authenticity, and quality.

SoundCloud plays will get you more listeners, attract more followers, and grow you an extensive fan base. You don’t even have to move a finger. Order now and get more plays for all your music.

The secret is out. Market Sentinel is your key to getting more plays. Your in-born talent is good for an artist. But it all goes to dust if no one knows that you are talented. Partner with us and opt for the right packages. We do not use bots. We focus less on being the most affordable but instead aspire to provide you real, authentic, and high-quality results. Select a package now for the most reliable services and speedy delivery.

Why you Need to buy SoundCloud Plays

  • Gain Popularity. If you buy genuine SoundCloud plays, your music will gain popularity in no time. And popularity is, indeed, a big deal since this could mean getting more sales. Even if you just purchased 1, 000 plays, this will surely skyrocket your rounds on SoundCloud.
  • Monetize Your Content. Do you know that once your music hits 766-1,000 plays, SoundCloud will give you $1.00? You can even get a lesser monetization requisite if you are subscribed to the SoundCloud Go premium services (you only need 96 plays to get paid). This is another reason why you must buy genuine SoundCloud plays- to monetize your content. While it is true that you need to lay some investments before you can monetize, this will not matter anymore, considering the fact that you will get a higher ROI. So, if you want to have a decent income at the same time, share your musical prowess, start by buying at least 1,000 plays on SoundCloud.
  • Expand Your Network. Even if you can just accumulate about 1,000 plays on SoundCloud every week is already a huge lift in increasing your network. You will get a lot of benefits if you manage to grow your network organically. There will be some users who will be going to stream your music regularly, and some of them will actually purchase your masterpiece. Want to know how to grow your network naturally? Well, you just have to buy genuine SoundCloud plays. If you are just starting your career, you can order 1,000 plays to kick off your campaign. As you upload more content, you may request for 5,000 plays or even 10,000 plays to ensure you reach your target market.
  • Calculated Promotion of Tracks. Unlike other social media sites, SoundCloud is the most suited platform for music enthusiasts. You know that people lurking in and out of this platform are actually interested in checking out new tracks that they might find interesting. If you can capitalize on this demand, you can actually promote your track to a massive crowd without spending too much. On SoundCloud, you will never have a hard time promoting your tracks. Maybe what you just have to work out is your reputation. Keep in mind that no matter how soothing your track is, if you don’t have a reputable character online, you will never draw real SoundCloud followers to support your content.

Why Market Sentinel is the Best Site to Buy SoundCloud Plays


No Bots

It will be for your great advantage if you buy SoundCloud plays from us.


Because we are a legitimate digital support service provider. And one of our expertise is providing you with genuine SoundCloud plays followers. You are assured of getting real SoundCloud engagements from us since we do not use bots as part of our marketing strategy.

We just stick to the legitimate ways of communicating with real SoundCloud plays followers. If you want to find out how we reach more people and how our marketing plans provide a positive turnout, you can order for at least 1,000 plays from us as a dry run.

Dependable Service

From SoundCloud Plays, SoundCloud Likes, SoundCloud Followers, and other virtual services geared to boost your tracks on SoundCloud, you can count on Market Sentinel.

We are in the business for years, and we already established an untarnished reputation online. We do not cheat people in any of our digital support services. And we will never advise any artists to get SoundCloud plays free since this will just result in fake track engagements.

Indeed, at Market Sentinel, people are assured of getting the most effective means to promote their tracks to a larger crowd online. You will never find another digital support provider as top-caliber as the Market Sentinel.

Secured Transaction

The Market Sentinel is the safest provider of genuine SoundCloud plays and other engagements that will surely boost your tracks online.

Whether you want to have 50,000 plays per week, or just can afford to buy around 1,000 plays on SoundCloud to turbocharge your tracks, we assure you of nothing but top-notch digital support services. We will never discriminate any users of SoundCloud or incentivized SoundCloud pays followers.

From the time people seal a deal with us, we will keep their respective profiles masked. In fact, to get us started, we will only ask for a link of your SoundCloud account, no more, no less!

Zero Spam

We increase the number of your SoundCloud plays minus the spam- another reason why you must buy plays on SoundCloud at Market Sentinel.

We know how the algorithms of the different social media platforms spot irregular surge of your engagements. With this, we developed an effective system to manipulate SoundCloud’s algorithm.

So, even if you just want to order 3,000 plays or maybe 50,000 plays on SoundCloud, if you have a bigger budget, we will channel your plays intuitively. Forget the spam red flag, at all!

Complete Package

You must purchase SoundCloud plays from us because we provide a complete line of SoundCloud plays followers package. Our SoundCloud plays are very affordable as well. You can start dropping your order for as low as $20.00.

Just contact our customer support team to know the best plan for you to draw more plays followers. Aside from SoundCloud plays, we are also a top-rated provider of other social media support services, including Reddit likes comments, likes reposts, and followers.

Fast Turnout

Our SoundCloud plays marketing mantra is to provide digital support service to music artists that truly counts! Meaning to say, we want you to get a higher ROI (return on investment) through SoundCloud plays as soon as possible.

For this to happen, we always make sure that our system always outsources SoundCloud plays from people who are active users of SoundCloud.

We are doing all of these things to make sure that the people whom we solicit for engagements really have the heart to support the artists and the entire music industry as a whole.

If you want to connect with more people through other social media sites, we can also provide some help. Just contact our customer service.

How to Buy SoundCloud Plays

  • The time that we confirmed your payment for a set of SoundCloud plays, we will immediately send a dashboard wherein you can input the details or links of the SoundCloud tracks that you want to increase the play count. However, if your PayPal is different from your personal email, we cannot deliver your SoundCloud upfront. We need first to check the veracity of your credentials and respective email and PayPal accounts.
  • We will start processing the SoundCloud plays orders of all recording artists within 24 hours. But we deliver the SoundCloud plays more or less two days after you made a payment. Sending of SoundCloud plays with days interval is actually a safety net to protect your account from getting a spam red flag.

FAQs About Buying SoundCloud Plays


It is True That Purchasing SoundCloud Plays Could Lead to a Permanent ban of My SoundCloud Account?   

  • If you buy REAL SoundCloud plays from Market Sentinel, there’s no way that your account will be banned! This is because, as mentioned earlier, we do not use bots in generating plays. We only use the legitimate ways of outsourcing SoundCloud plays that route organic web traffic to your account.

If I Order SoundCloud Plays From you, how Long Will it Takes for me to Receive my Order?

  • The delivery time of the SoundCloud plays will significantly depend on the order specifications given by the artists. But based on our marketing plan, we can provide real SoundCloud plays to any SoundCloud tracks more or less seven days from the time that you made your order.
  • If your track already became a hit, it will be easier for us to channel SoundCloud plays; hence, we need a shorter time for delivery.

How Affordable are the SoundCloud Plays of Market Sentinel?

  • Very affordable! In fact, we provide real SoundCloud plays support for as low as $20.00. And most importantly, we do not underrate a track. It doesn’t matter to us if the orders came from famous artists or not. So, even if you will just order 1,000 plays, 2,000 plays, or 10,000 plays, we will treat you the same as with our other clients. Remember that we exist to provide high-quality SoundCloud support to all of our valued clients at a very affordable cost. Now, if you want to get free SoundCloud plays, just contact our customer support team.

Is it Possible for Other People to Track my Purchased SoundCloud Plays?   

  • If you buy real SoundCloud plays from us, the answer is NO! This is because our outsourcing means are organic, and we do not tie-up with third-party firms as well. We always want to protect your identity. We will discreetly boost your SoundCloud plays. Rest assured, people will not know that your organic SoundCloud plays actually came from us.


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