As an image and video messaging app, Snapchat has grown rapidly over the years with an average of 238 million active users daily as of Quarter Two of 2020, and 4 billion snaps sent every day.

Snapchat, just like Instagram, works on the number of followers you have and consequently the number of views each of your snap gets.

So, how do you get more views on Snapchat? 

There are several ways to do so, but below we’re only highlighting the major and most effective ways you can do.

Look For Service Providers That Offers Real Snapchat Views

There’s a quick way you can do to get more views on Snapchat. If you feel like you’re not getting more views by using the above ways, why not look into service providers that can offer you real Snapchat views? There exist a number of companies that offer the abovementioned service. They have real followers but it will need you to pick some pennies from your pockets to buy them. The good thing is that they’re not bots, but real humans. It only takes one Google away, and there you go, you have a list of service providers who can help you. 

Good News?

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This includes:

Use your Snapcode on other Social Media Platforms


Have you tried using your snapcode across other social media platforms you are using?

What is a snapcode, by the way?

Snapcode happens to be your profile picture in Snapchat. It comes as a QR code that people can easily scan to add your account.

So, why should you use your snapcode across your other social media accounts?

The thing is, Snapchat doesn’t offer an organic search function making it difficult for you to be discovered by other users. The best thing you can do is to tell people that you actually have a Snapchat account by using your snapcode as your profile picture on other social media platforms you are using.

This way, your followers will always be reminded that you have a Snapchat account existing, and it’s just one scan away to adding possible views to your daily snaps.

Post Content Regularly

Just like other social media platforms, posting content regularly is one of the best ways to drive followers and viewers in. And when I say content, that means something that makes sense for your viewers. Remember that quantity cannot win over quality. 

By the way, there are things you can do to encourage your followers to view your snaps. Try adding music to make your snaps entertaining enough. Captions can also be helpful to make your snaps accessible to viewers. 

Encourage a conversation with your viewers. Although snaps can’t initiate a two-way conversation, one way to interact with your followers is through polls and quizzes. It’s a great way to engage your followers as some users would love to give questions that they feel relevant. And, hooray! You’re near getting more views on Snapchat!

Create a Routine

Creating a routine is a great way to make people used to your presence, and eventually remember you that they’ll take note of the time you post your content.

This strategy has been noted as an effective way of getting your audience engaged without being bored with the content you post. Sooner or later, you’ll realize that a lot of people are actually waiting for your content. Make sure that you stick to this routine as failing to do so may disappoint your viewers and may consequently drive them out.


Checkout Ghostcodes

Have you tried Ghostcodes? If you haven’t, then you’re missing such an important way to effectively get more views on Snapchat.

Ghostcodes lets you get discovered by other Snapchat users based on the categories you like.

It’s simple. You only have to create an account and fill out your profile, especially your interests, and that’s how you get to be ranked in a certain category. This way, those who share the same interests as you can see your profile and eventually will follow you.

Of course, it needs a little hard work. You cannot just wait and let people follow you. Since it’s a community, you have to interact with other users. Check their accounts, give their snaps alike, and that’s how you can expect them to like you back.

Promote your Content

Of course, there’s no better way than promoting your own content, and your account of course. If you have other social media accounts, why not take the courage to share your Snapchat account on these marketing channels? 

This is a great tip especially for beginners out there. If you have Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, why not tell your friends and followers that you have a Snapchat account. Understand the algorithm of each social media platform. Use eye-catchy images in IG, and move on with still pictures on Facebook. Try short videos and more. 

If you won’t tell them, then who will?

Doing this will surely drive followers in and get you more views. Isn’t it amazing?

It’s all about confidence. You know yourself that you are making awesome content, so there’s nothing wrong with bragging about that, right? Or else, who will see what you are posting? Nobody but a few close followers you have on Snapchat who are probably your family members and friends in the real world.

Final Thoughts

Social media marketing takes a lot of effort and sometimes takes a very long way. Well, there’s no easy way to success, right? But of course, all these will get paid off in the end. All you need is diligence and determination.

Remember that social media is changing its ways almost every day, so make sure that you are aware of what’s happening around. Snapchat was merely used for sending images among friends before, but again the digital world is always evolving, and that includes social media platforms. And you saw it, Snapchat was one of it.

Know what your audience likes and what they need. Don’t simply aim for quantity. Make sure you’re after quality too.

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