Getting more friends on Snapchat can be tricky, but with over 238 million active users daily, they’re not totally impossible to come by.

Unlike Instagram or Facebook, Snapchat doesn’t have an organic function of increasing your friends’ list, and it’s also difficult to be discovered in Snapchat alone.

However, a few tricks can help you to gain friends and followers in no time.

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10 Best Ways to Get More Snapchat Friends

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Be a Snapchat Pro

Before thinking of adding friends and building your presence in the Snapchat app or even outside the platform, it’s best to get to know the app first and if possible, make a pro out of yourself.

It would be a shame to invite friends who will see nothing in your profile, but a few non-entertaining or non-informative snaps. So, make sure you have a good and quite strong presence in Snapchat before you drive followers in.

Add Friends from Contacts on Snapchat

Add Friends from your Contacts

The first and the easiest way you can do to get more friends on Snapchat is by using your contact list. Yes, you read it right.

Why not leverage your existing contacts and build connections from that? See who among your contacts is on Snapchat already. Allow the app to access your contacts, find them, then add them. Simple.

The next thing you’ll do is to simply wait for them to follow you back, and voila! You have secured quite a number of new friends on Snapchat.

Sync Facebook with Snapchat

Sync Facebook with Snapchat

Another good news is that you can sync your Facebook account with Snapchat, and it’s another great way to get more friends which is as simple as adding friends from your contact list.

So, why not use your established network of friends on Facebook? If they’re interested in you, they’ll likely follow you too on Snapchat.

It’s simple. You simply have to sync your address book with your Facebook account so you can see who among your friends is on Snapchat, then you add them, and it’s done.


Share your Snapcode

One unique thing about Snapchat is the QR code intended for each user embedded in one’s profile picture, called Snapcode.

What’s great about Snapcode is that you can share it with anybody or to almost anywhere where possible followers are. You can make a business card out of it, or make it as an icon in your blog, a signature in your emails, a Facebook post, etc. Just anywhere.

If people become interested in following you, they can just simply scan the code, and from there you have a new friend on Snapchat.

You can also make interesting graphics with your Snapcode in it and share it with other social media sites.

Use your Snapcode as your Profile Picture in other Social Media Sites

Another great use of Snapcode is using it as a profile picture on other social media sites which you are active in. You can commonly see other active users using their Snapcode on Twitter, and sometimes on Facebook. As for Instagram, using it as your profile picture will likely not work–that I will discuss in the next section.

Seeing your Snapcode as a profile picture, people will instantly know that you are on Snapchat, so if you share the same interest, they would likely follow you.

Share your Snapchat Profile URL

If you cannot use your Snapcode, using your Snapchat profile URL can come in handy. This is the case for Instagram users. Because your profile picture on Instagram is in round shape, your Snapcode will most likely become useless as people won’t be able to scan it.

So, instead of using your Snapcode, use your Snapchat profile URL instead. Put it in your bio so your Instagram followers can see it directly.

You can also use your Snapchat profile URL in other platforms where possible like emails, etc.

Post Quality Content on Snapchat

Post Quality Content

Of course, aside from manually adding friends, it’s also important that you post quality content. With quality content, your friends can recommend you to their friends who share the same interests with you. This way, you will not notice it but you’re already driving followers in.

Be Creative

Snapchat is a platform where users mostly share their personal interests, but it’s not enough that you simply post content of your liking. Just like any other social media site, each platform has its own identity. When you hear of Instagram, you’ll likely imagine photography at its finest, the same goes for Snapchat. When people hear of Snapchat, they’ll think of stories delivered in creative images and videos.

That means posting content out of the ordinary that will spark interest among your friends and other viewers.

Be Relevant

Just like Twitter, Snapchat also publishes topics that are trending. So, if you’re really interested in keeping your friends and getting more, tap on new topics and share your insights by making quality and creative snaps. 

Staying in your comfort zone all the time will lead you nowhere, but getting out of the box once in a while will definitely open up an opportunity for you to get new Snapchat friends.

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Final Thoughts

Snapchat is another social media site where you can share your personal interests and the like. However, building a huge network of friends is quite a scare especially for beginners, but is not totally impossible.

Just like other social media sites, getting more friends in Snapchat needs a little of your skill in social media marketing. And when I say marketing, that means a few things you’ll have to do—from sharing your Snapcode or profile URL to posting quality content regularly.

Following our 10 best ways above can assure you that in no time you’ll have your established network of friends in Snapchat.

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