Upvote is important to Reddit users as it boosts the karma points of a user. Karma points lend you credibility and help identify you as a more “valuable”  and trusted participant on the platform. High karma points can actually open doors to other more exclusive groups. In fact, there are certain communities and subreddits that are private and require a certain amount of karma points in order to be accepted or invited. 

Redditors work hard to gain karma points for different purposes. But certainly, no one wants to get downvoted. So how do you gain upvotes on Reddit?

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How to Gain Reddit Upvotes on Your Personal Posts

Reddit has a separate count for post karma and comment karma and it is better to get upvotes in both. Here are some techniques you can do to gain upvotes from your posts in particular.

  • Keep the title concise and interesting. Post titles are like headlines; they are the first ones that people read. Your title must be able to tell the gist of your post to keep the Redditors reading, otherwise, your post can be marked as irrelevant and downvoted. 
  • Do not forget to add flair to your post. Flairs are like labels; they make it easier for Redditors to identify the type of the post and how to engage with it. Try to be fun and witty to boost your chances for an upvote. 
  • Follow the subreddit rules. Each subreddit has different rules. Read the rules carefully before posting as some subreddits require users to add polls, links, etc. You may easily find yourself booted out and with downvote if you cross the line. 
  • Follow the recommended post structure. Some subreddits are very particular with the structure of the post and will reject your post when it doesn’t follow the required structure. Read the rules. 
  • Post on the proper subreddit. Though you can cross-post relevant content in different threads and communities (to gain more upvotes), posts that are on the wrong subreddit may get downvoted or rejected. 

In Reddit, spamming is highly discouraged, and Reddit moderators may actually block/ ban your account. 

  • Add supporting evidence. Redditors are more engaged in posts that include links, photos, or videos that are relevant to their post. Supporting evidence helps Redditors to come up with more ideas that will contribute to the discussion that you had started. 

Remember, Reddit is a community for fun, engaging discourse. The more you can contribute meaningfully to the discourse, the better. 

  1. When posting an unpopular opinion, back it up.

One of the famous trends in subreddits is posting an opinion and letting the Redditors decide whether it is a popular opinion or not. What’s unique about this is that unpopular opinions get upvotes while popular opinions get downvotes as the purpose of these types of subreddits is to discuss unpopular opinions.

However, to gain upvotes, make sure to provide substantial data/ information to substantiate your claim or stand. 

  1. Don’t spam or use bots. Some Redditors may resort to using bots to gain more upvotes. But Reddit appreciates transparency and authenticity and will quickly downvote or even boot you out should you try to join the community for other purposes than contributing meaningfully to the discussions. 

How to Gain Upvotes on Your Comments

Comment karma has a separate leaderboard, which is why if you are the type of user who is not fond of posting, you can gain upvotes by commenting on rising posts. 

Here are some of the techniques to gain comment upvotes.

  • Always observe Reddiquette. Avoid being rude. Disagreeing is part of the discussion but make sure to choose your words wisely and state your opinion in a respectful manner to avoid offending other users and getting downvoted.
  • Always follow the subreddit rules. Each subreddit has its own rules on commenting. In unpopular opinion subreddits, users are required to state whether they voted for the post as popular or unpopular and their reason for their vote. Subreddits impose rules to make a more fruitful discussion. 
  • Stay relevant. Only comment opinions or information that is helpful to the topic being discussed in the post. Do not attempt to start a new discussion in the comment section unrelated to the post. Expect a downvote should you try that approach. 
  • Add links. Whenever you are mentioning a video or an article related to the topic, link it to a text to give your readers a clearer view of what you are talking about. 

More General Tips to Gain Upvotes on Reddit

If you have followed the steps and you still are not getting any upvotes, you might want to try these techniques.

  1. Change your Reddit schedule. 

If you are using Reddit during a certain time a day, you might want to try a different time as the time when Redditors are most active varies depending on the subreddit. 

  1. Try to join more subreddits. 

Some subreddits have more active users than others, try to explore more to determine which subreddit is the most suitable for you. 

  1. Be more active. 

If commenting on a few posts every now and then may not get you enough upvotes, try to engage more. 

Some subreddits are designed to debate on controversial topics and Redditors are encouraged to upvote if they agree and downvote if they disagree. Take time to compose your posts and formulate your responses to get better chances of being upvoted. 

  1. Understand your audience. 

Reddit is a modern forum wherein users value not only the substance of the content but also its entertainment value. Just like other social media sites, people go to Reddit to communicate, be informed, and be entertained. So before posting, think as well what they would like to see and read on the thread. 

Remember, just be yourself on Reddit. Do not be afraid to post your opinions but do it in an articulate manner so that other users with a different opinion would be interested to engage in the discussion. For entertainment value, provide your posts with photos and links that best describe or support your content/ discussion.

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