You have probably been using Reddit for a while now and you want to go deeper into the website and learn about what more you can do. In this article, we will be talking about the “flair” feature on Reddit, its importance and other features, and what you can do with it.

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What is “flair” in Reddit?

If Reddit has its own voting system, it also has a tagging system, and this is called “Flair.” Flair is basically used as a tag for posts that can be seen next to the post’s title in subreddits and individual users which can be seen next to the user’s name. This can also be used to show a glimpse of yourself and to filter content, users, and resources.

However, not every subreddit utilizes Flair, and how each subreddit uses the feature may differ. How Flair is used depends on the moderators of the subreddit. The moderators also have the option of creating up to 30 different Flairs that are deemed to be useful for the subreddit in categorizing topics or themes.

Types of Flair on Reddit

There are different ways to Flair posts and users in Reddit. Here are the kinds you need to know:

Individual or User Flair – An individual flair can be text or symbols, depending on the subreddit, that a user chooses to appear next to their name.

Post Flair – Post Flairs are used to tag posts. Aside from this, post Flairs have different types:

  • Meta – These are topics that are considered of “higher level” as compared to regular posts in subreddits. This can be anything that involves the subreddit, from asking for support, maintaining the subreddit, to asking for something from the community.
  • Critique – This is only used by moderators every week for critique threads.
  • Call for Submissions – For user’s submissions that can be used for a blog, publication, podcast, etc.
  • Discussion – Often self-posts, discussions are usually about writing in general. It can talk about themes, views, characters, the setting, etc.
  • Resource – This is where other writers can find other sources like thesauruses, writing themes, name generators, etc.
  • Advice – Posts where users can ask for help.
  • Other – Any other category that does not fit in the ones stated above is listed here. As long as it is within the Reddit guidelines!

How can I add Flair to my posts?

With the two different kinds of Reddit Flairs, there are also two different methods to use it.

For the Individual or User Flair,

  1. You first have to be logged in to your Reddit account before actually adding a Flair to your account.
  2. Go to any subreddit that you are subscribed to, then look for the “Community Options” button. You may also simply click on your username under the “Community Details” part found on the right section of the website.
  3. There, you will find the “ADD USER FLAIR” text just below your username.
  4. A “Show my user Flair on this community” box will appear; check it!
  5. A list will then show where you can choose which Flair you would like to appear on your username.
  6. Once you have chosen, click “APPLY” to save changes.
  7. Your Flair will now be visible to other users within that subreddit. Take note that your Flair will only be visible in the subreddit where you’ve edited it!

For Post Flairs

  1. Before inputting a Flair, you have to post a thread first. You will not be able to Flair from the submission form.
  2. Once you have a thread posted, click on the three dots beside the comments, share, save buttons.
  3. A list will then appear. Click on the “Edit Flair” option and input your desired Flair.

After a user posts content using a Flair, it will appear as a clickable link next to the title of the post. You can also try the Boolean string technique in the search bar to see if there are other subreddits that make use of the same tag or Flair.

For example, you want to search for more posts that are tagged as funny, simply type “flair:”funny” on the search bar, and posts from different subreddits that are Flaired as funny will appear. If you want to narrow your search even more by its location, you can use the pre-existing string and just add the location. For example, “flair:”funny” AND new york.”

Take note though that it is not possible to add or change a Flair using the Reddit mobile app. You have to access the subreddit in a browser and follow the steps listed above.

One great subreddit that uses Flair the most is r/science. In this subreddit, it is required to use a link for your Flair so that each topic or subject can be filtered much easier. Before even getting to use Individual or User flair, users in this community need to be approved by its moderators and users have to go through a verification process before getting to assign credentials that can be seen next to their every post.

For example, when filtering topics in r/science, a topic Flair, and a highlighted user Flair can be seen beside a contributor’s name for reference and credibility on the subject. However, the user-assigned Flair is not clickable, so filtering users with a certain credential cannot easily be done.

If all of this still seems a bit confusing to you, it is totally understandable with Reddit having such complex features for a huge website. Just remember, Reddit Flair is just one of the many functions that you can use so that your experience within the website can be better and interesting.

Filtering out topics and themes can be useful and convenient especially in big subreddits that see a consistent flow of new content coming in. This is why it is important to be familiar with the Flair feature. It will also be beneficial for you to have a grasp of this if you plan to be more immersed in the discussions.

Reddit may seem overwhelming and complicated at first, but familiarizing yourself with the ins and outs will result in fruitful discussions and thought-provoking engagements.