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About Market Sentinel’s Reddit Comments Packages.

It takes ages for you to build your Reddit account up to where it needs to be for you to post and comment freely. As a new user or when you’re not that active, you can just imagine how hard it is when you can’t read interesting posts, upload your posts, and not have the power to comment or contribute.

We at Market Sentinel is here to offer you all the Reddit Marketing Packages you need. You can now buy Reddit comments from Market Sentinel at a competitive price. No worries! We do not use bots to fulfill our services.

We offer exciting discounts for bulk orders and guarantee you excellent service. Quality is our middle name. At Market Sentinel, we will deliver according to the number of Reddit comments that you want. Choose from one of our specially designed Reddit comment packages and see which one suits you best. All the comments to your posts are all from real users.

Our marketing experts will get legit and natural comments from real Reddit users. Ready to open a new page on Reddit? Click the package that you want and make your order now.

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Why You Need To Buy Reddit Comments


  • Earn Karma Points. Karma points make your Reddit account more reputable. However, gaining karma is a daunting task. You can only earn karma through upvotes from other Reddit users. And for you to generate an upvote, all of your Reddit posts must be packed with lots of comments. So, if you purchase Reddit comments, you will not have any problem generating genuine Reddit upvotes that will become your Reddit karma.

  • Top the Algorithm. If your account is flooded with remarks and upvotes, your account will inevitably rise on top of Reddit’s algorithm. What’s the implication of this? Well, if you top the algorithm, your account will be displayed on top of search results queries. This will result in more connection, and eventually, you will gain more promotions and Reddit upvotes.

  • Sound Discussion. Reddit’s primary service is to dish an open social news platform that discusses different topics- from sports, showbiz, lifestyle, down to any topic under the sun! If you purchase Reddit comments, you will surely stir healthier and more in-depth discussions.


Why Market Sentinel is the Best Site to Purchase Reddit Comments


Legit Service (No Bots)

We do not use bots in generating different Reddit engagements such as comments, upvotes, downvotes, and post sharing. With this, you are assured of a legitimate digital support service. Our genuine content and engagements will surely convert organic traffic to your posts and eventually to your Reddit account.

100% Safe & Secured

Our service will never compromise the privacy and security of our clients. This is another reason why you must purchase Reddit comments from us.

We at Market Sentinel will only ask for the specific subreddit link that you want to boost the engagements.

Smart Delivery System

You will not get any spam red flag if you buy comments from Market Sentinel. Why? Because we follow a unique smart delivery system.

Our system ensures organic web traffic that eventually converts into more engagements. We will start by gradually sending your orders to prevent an unusual surge of your Reddit engagements.

Real Engagements

We at Market Sentinel provides real engagements, including downvotes, post shares, and other digital marketing and outsourcing services. Thus, what we produce are real comments and real Reddit upvotes.

The genuine engagements that we route will generate more upvotes that will be converted into karma points. The more upvotes and karma points that you earn, the more that people will trust your profile.


From the start, our mantra is to serve our clients with the utmost competence for a reasonable price. So, if you are planning to purchase different Reddit engagements such as comment, upvote, downvote, and link sharing and you have a tight budget, just contact us.

We will help you generate real engagements for a very reasonable price. We offer several packages as well to suffice the diverse demands of the clients. And the good thing is that you can send your payment remotely via PayPal.

Competent Customer Service

We also capitalize much on the competence of our customer support staff. We ensure our clients that all of our customer support staff are well-rounded individuals.

We know how to address different digital marketing concerns in no time.

How To buy Reddit Comments

  • After your payment, we will start the process by sending you a dashboard wherein you can input the link of the specific Reddit post that you want to boost and eventually increase the upvote count.
  • Just make sure that the links that you share are live since we do not provide a service refund or link replacement.
  • Upon placing your order, we will immediately put your requests in the queue. We assure processing your orders within 24 hours after you send the payment. However, if your PayPal is different from your working email, we need more time for verification.

FAQs About Buying Reddit Comments


Are Your Reddit Comments are From Real People? Do They Provide Genuine Upvotes?

  • Yes. We outsource comments from real and active Reddit users. These users do not only leave upvote but downvote as well. But this is a good thing to keep real engagements.
  • Since all of our engagements and comments will result in upvotes, this will also increase your network. However, some marketing strategy requires downvotes as well. This is to induce a more realistic tweak in growing the engagements of your Reddit content.

What is Reddit Comments Bots?

  • These are software used to generate fake Reddit remarks. However, the catch of this is that Reddit bots do not provide real engagements, including upvotes and downvotes, to the target post. Hence, you will not earn real karma points.
  • Aside from not providing real engagements, bots do not funnel organic traffic as well. What does this mean? Well, this means that you will not generate legitimate engagements from real users of Reddit. In other words, there is no real delineation of web engagement in your Reddit posts.

Will my Account be Banned if I Purchase Reddit Comments?

  • No. If you purchase Reddit comments from Market Sentinel as part of your digital marketing plan, you are 100% safe. There will be no erratic surge of engagements that will cause spamming your account.
  • You can only purchase real Reddit content engagements, including remarks, upvotes, and downvotes at Market Sentinel. We have been in the digital marketing support business for so many years, so expect that the remarks, upvotes, downvotes, and other content that we channel to your profile are all legitimate.

How Fast is the Delivery of Reddit Comments? Can I request for a Faster Delivery

  • Unlike the usual outsourcing of Reddit engagements, generating Reddit comments to your content require more time. This is because we only channel real users. We even do not filter downvotes from some users to keep the natural stream of engagements. On the average, we complete orders 5-10 days after you placed your order on the cart.
  • We send orders in drip-feed to avoid spam tags. In other words, we do not complete your orders in just a few hours. We follow the same smart delivery system in all of our digital marketing support services to avoid spamming your profile.
  • Since we want to provide organic web engagement in your content, we do not send orders in bulk. Also, we do not cater to speedy delivery requests to avoid spamming the target post or content.

Are Market Sentinel Reddit Comments Cheap?

  • Yes. We at Market Sentinel always find ways to keep the price range of our digital marketing support services affordable. So, whether you want to generate comments, upvotes, downvotes, or post shares, just contact us, and we will serve you for a very reasonable price.

Is it Possible to Target Specific Countries in Generating Reddit Remarks (Geo-target?)

  •  No. Our Reddit comments outsourcing service aims to generate organic web traffic a few hours after we solicit legitimate Reddit comments for a particular post or content. That is why we do not offer geo-targeting in any of our digital support services. However, if your account is restricted only in one country or region, you can connect with our customer support staff for assistance.