Reddit is one of the biggest and most popular internet forums today. It is a fusion of social media networking sites and forums, making it a unique platform for both discussion and entertainment purposes.

Reddit encourages creativity among users as its upvote and downvote system and karma system drive users to only post the most relevant and most entertaining content in specific communities and subreddits.

Reddit is a platform where everyone can find a community with the same interest as them and share content to discover more about their common interest. This unique characteristic of Reddit has prompted many people to join the app, greatly increasing the volume of its users. Because of this, some posts may become unnoticed due to the surge of posts, which is why if you have interesting thoughts and you really want your fellow Redditors to be able to read it, you must make sure to post at the best time.

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Why is it Necessary to Consider the Best Time To Post On Reddit?

Reddit is not like any other social media site where people can simply scroll, like, and comment a word or a sentence. Here are the reasons why time should be considered when posting on subreddits:

  • On Reddit, people take time to gather their thoughts and write well-articulated comments or posts. Redditors are always at risk of losing karma points, which is why every user makes sure that they only post well-thought-out content. Because of this, Redditors make time for Reddit as it is not ideal to be active in Reddit while doing other tasks. 
  • Redditors take time to search for links or videos that would back up their arguments. In some cases, when Redditors briefly check Reddit and come across your post, they may opt not to engage as they simply do not have the time to compose a lengthy reply backed up with links. 
  • The majority of Reddit users are from the United States as it is very popular in the US compared to other countries. This greatly affects the peak hours of website traffic on Reddit.

When is the best time to post on Reddit?

Data analysis on Reddit usage revealed that Reddit users are less active on workdays. Reddit user named antirabbit did a study on Reddit posts performance by studying 73,000 random posts. He found out that the posts with most engagements are those that were posted on mornings from Saturday to Monday.

Saturdays, 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM (US Central Time) – Since the majority of Reddit users are from the United States, posts that are published on Saturday mornings have better engagements because weekends give users more time. Posts published on a weekend morning have a better chance to be seen by Reddit users throughout the day as most of them have no school or work on weekends. 

Sundays, 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM (US Central Time) – Just like the posts that are published on Saturday mornings, posts published on Sunday mornings have higher chances of getting seen by users frequenting Reddit throughout the day.

Mondays, 6:00 AM to 8:00 AM (US Central Time) – Monday is a busy day for everyone and people exchange stories and information about interesting trends during the weekends and users tend to share those stories on Reddit. 

Users like sharing stories they heard from their colleagues, classmates, or friends that are relevant to trending topics. If you publish a post about a hot topic on Monday morning, there is a higher chance of you getting more engagements.

Benefits of Posting On Reddit During the Most Ideal Hours

What are the benefits of getting more post engagements? Here are the following reasons why you should aim for high post engagements.

  • Rising posts. A rising post is equivalent to top trending topics on Twitter. Reddit notifies users regarding the current rising posts in the subreddits or communities they belong to, which can attract more attention to the post. 
  • More upvotes. When your post becomes a rising post, it gains more upvotes as most users automatically view it as relevant to the subreddit or community. The more upvotes, the longer the post will stay on the news feed.
  • Can boost karma points. Posts with several engagements can help you gain different karmas such as post karma and awardee karma. Awardee karma is gained when fellow Redditors choose to give your post an award due to its relevance or entertainment factor. Posts that can be seen by many users who have more chances to be awarded.
  • Better discussion. Reddit is designed for in-depth discussions on different things. If you are hoping for an in-depth discussion on a topic you are very interested in, your post may have a higher chance to gain articulate comments from other users when you post during the ideal posting time. More users will see your post and will most likely engage. 

Should you post on Reddit during the best time?

If you are in a country where the time difference is not compatible with the ideal time to post on Reddit, you can post whenever you desire. Reddit does not have a rule on when to post.

However, considering the effort you exert to gather your thoughts and compose them concisely and if you are hoping to find a different perspective on issues or topics you want to discuss, it would be better to make sure that your fellow Redditors will be able to see your post.

Posts that do not immediately get engagements can be quickly buried by posts from other users. Posting the same content repetitively may also get flagged as spam and can get you banned in subreddits or communities.

Posting during the best time at least ensures that your post will have enough audiences to gain engagements and stay in the news feed longer. It would also give you a better Reddit experience if you get the chance to talk to more people about your opinions and theories.

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