It is a very lucrative career to stream games. It may even be the dream of everyone as it gives you the popularity and also pays really well. However, every single day, the number of streamers in Mixer is multiplying. And deny it or not, there are a lot of existing steamers with skills which makes it hard for a starter to get their channels noticed.  

The key is to treat it like a brand entertainment or a professional career so it will grow like one. Furthermore, you must keep in mind that everything you do affects how people see your channel and the way they respond to you.

We want you to elevate your streaming career and get all the viewers possible. So, here are some tips on how to grow your streaming viewership on Mixer!

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Be Consistent on Your Schedule

First and foremost, you should set a clear schedule on when you will stream for you to be able to get a consistent following. Just think of it this way: if your audience won’t know when to find you then they will eventually quit looking. This is the reason why you need to be predictable, set up a schedule, and stick to it. 

By doing so, your fans can include watching your stream consistently into their routine. Moreover, it is a crucial thing to do especially if you are aiming to have a loyal fanbase who are more likely to donate, subscribe, give Embers, spread your content, and build your fanbase at a quicker phase. 

Furthermore, you should take note to stream during weekends as that is the primetime for viewers as they have more time to spare during the weekends!

Use The Chatbot Feature

Utilize the chatbot feature in Mixer and set commands such as “!Schedule” so you can simplify your life. This tool helps you inform your viewers about your schedule. This is totally configurable to help you in any aspect that you need. 

It can also be used so that your viewers can find more specific information about yourself with the use of commands such as: “ !Schedule, !Rules, and many more!

Collaborate With Other Streamers

We all know that mixers let you stream with other players simultaneously and you should clearly take advantage of this feature! Thus, the best thing for you to do to gain viewership is to network and host with other streamers. Look for someone who you find to be very entertaining and don’t forget to get in touch with them. 

Moreover, you should contact a lot of people as much as possible. The many options you have, the more opportunities will open, and the bigger the chance you will succeed! Furthermore, you should aim to form a solid friendship which will help your channel grow. 

These streamers whom you have collaborated with can give you a shout out and help you earn more new viewers. By doing so, other streamers will notice this and can possibly contact you for a collaboration as well. This can lead to more exposure for your own personal channel and creating more opportunities in the future.

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Have Fun

You are not just a streamer, you are also an entertainer! Whatever your reasons are, never forget to have fun while streaming. This will make the content more welcoming and light to your viewers. A smile can be enchanting enough to catch attention, right?

You should aim to make your viewers enjoy your content. Believe me or not, viewers can feel whatever you are feeling during the stream. So if you are targeting to create a friendly streaming environment, start by enjoying yourself and start interacting with your viewers!

Engage With Your Audience

If you start showing to your audience that you are friendly and approachable, the news will spread and new ones will come! That’s why you should engage with your audience and here are a variety of ways in which you can do it:

  • Read and talk using the chat box
  • Play on stream with your viewers and subscribers. You can actually use the mix play feature of Microsoft’s Mixer which enables you to play along with your viewers. 
  • React to the content that your viewers share with you
  • You can also do giveaways for the fans who stay focus on watching all throughout your stream
  • Mention them as you speak, this will make them feel loved

Remember, your viewers can also be your fans. If you can get them to love you, they will brag about you to their friends and colleagues, opening another opportunity for you to gain viewers. 

Add Graphics To Your Mixer Description

There is an allotted space about the content creator and the channel itself. You should make use of this section to tell the people more about you and why you do this thing. So, go ahead and a lot of relevant information that you can share. However, you should not share too much that can compromise your privacy. After all, you still deserve a space for your own. 

Include details such as an About Me section, the details of when you usually stream, information about where your viewers should go for donation and subscription, links to your other websites, and everything else that you think they need to know. Moreover, Mixer allows you to add graphics for this section. These things are fast to set up and can make your profile seem much more personalized. 

Established streamers use graphics as banners for the purpose of highlighting events or tuning them into clickable curtains which redirects the viewers to places such as their website or social media platforms. This might not be a strategy geared directly to getting you more viewers but this makes your profile seem much more professional and personalized. 

Something to Think About

Getting a lot of followers or viewers is an essential thing to do especially if you are aiming to make a career out of streaming games. So, follow these easy tips and get your channel boosted!