Influencer marketing has been a very effective type of marketing in the last few years. Traditional marketing is now getting obsolete. Mixer is a video game streaming platform that is acquired by Microsoft. The competitors of the Mixer are twitch and YouTube Gaming. The reason Mixer is still having millions of followers is because of its users. People love their gaming heroes and follow them everywhere. For example, Ninja (a famous game streamer) announced that he would exclusively stream on Mixer. Since then, he has gained massive users and viewers.  

Influencer marketing is a type of marketing that uses key leaders to drive the marketing campaign. As leaders have a very good following of people so it gets directly into the head of the followers. In other words, you inspire influencers to get the word out for you. Today, people have begun to follow influencers more than ever and are pretty much inspired by them. This allows the brand to market their product through influencers that people are most likely to follow. In this way, influencer marketing creates wonders.

First, let us discuss what features Mixer offers that allows the users to stream through it.

Features of Mixer

  • As the Mixer is a Microsoft owned streaming platform, it does not support PlayStation. It has a built-in encoder that makes it easy for gamers to plug and play.
  • The Mixer offers the lowest latency that allows the user to stream without any lag and with great responsiveness. However, there is no DVR functionality.
  • The most important feature that Mixer offers is the requirement to enter the partnership program. The lowest requirement is a 2-month aged account and 2,000 followers. ( If you are new to Mixer and want to have over 2,000 followers, you can try out purchase Mixer Followers from Market Sentinel.)
  • The Mixer also features cross-platform support, enabling gamers to play with their friends.

Strategies For Mixer Influencer Marketing

1. Product Placement

You can contact a streamer that has a good number of followers and provide him with your product. If the product is suitable and related to gaming then ask the streamer to use it during his streaming and if not then at least mention it. This will boost the familiarity and popularity of your product. People tend to follow their influencers and watching them portraying your product will allow them to at least give your product a try.

2. Engage Micro-Influencers

Micro-influencers are those streamers that have 5-10k followers. Why target a small audience rather than famous influencers? It is because the followers of micro-influencers are much more loyal and have a very high level of engagement. Marketing through a small audience will allow you to target the audience that will try your product. Plus, a partnership with small influencers is easy and negotiable

3. Unboxing Of Gaming Products

We all know the Mixer is a gamers’ platform. If you are a gaming accessory developer and develop headphones, mouse, keyboards, controllers, gaming monitors, etc, then you can give your product as a gift to the streamer. In return, ask the influencer to unbox your product while streaming. This engages a huge audience and your brand will be known in the market. Unlike some brands that we never hear of.

4. Reviews

Reviews are pretty much like product endorsements in which influencers give positive comments about your product and recommend them to their followers. Mixer is not a platform where people go to watch videos of reviews like YouTube,  but it is a streaming platform. Here, reviews do not work unless your product is suitable for the gaming audience.

Providing Influencers With Sponsorships

Mixer may not have followers or users like Twitch or YouTube but it has a good number of audiences. Influencer marketing on Mixer has a great potential to drive any brand. The users of Mixer strictly follow their inspiring gaming heroes that results in a big audience.

There are different ways in which you can sponsor streamers. Sponsorship has three categories are defined below:

Full Sponsorship

Full sponsorship means a contract for a year or more. In this contract, the brand will pay the streamer an amount in return to which streamer has to promote certain activities asked by the brand.


The partnership is a casual sponsorship in which the contract works on an on-off basis. It can only be for a single event. It allows the users to run a marketing campaign for an event.


Affiliate programs allow the streamer to perform particular activities and run a marketing campaign for which they will receive free products and commission for sales.

Provide Giveaways Through Competition

Giving away free products can attract a huge audience. First, you need to find a streamer with a huge following. You can contact a streamer and provide him with free products and ask him to give them away to his followers. Of course, competition would be held in which you can ask the streamer to make the followers like your brand page or follow you on multiple social platforms. In this way, you can gain several followers in very less time and people will enjoy your free giveaways.

Giveaway marketing is an emerging form of marketing because people love getting free products. It helps the brand to find customers and reviewers which boosts the popularity of your brand.

Telling Stories And Educating Your Audience

Storytelling has become a great tactic in B2B marketing including influencer marketing. The basic phenomenon of storytelling is to ask the streamer to tell your brand’s story. It could be about how your brand started or how well it is working for a cause or how you help people solve their problems.

We all better know that promotions don’t go well with influencer marketing. Instead of a promotion, ask the influencer to tell a story about your product or share an experience, this will gather people’s attention and allow your products and services to get the diversity of clients.


The mixer has boosted up its users when Ninja signed a contract with them. He brought 1 million users in a single day for Mixer. It is really up to influencer to boost up a platform. When it comes to a live game streaming, then we all know that the majority of the audience are gamers. If a brand wants to market a product through Mixer, then the brand has to make sure if gamers are their target audience or not. If not, then it is probably a waste of time.

Influencer marketing works well on Mixer. But it has to follow some of the strategies that will allow the immediate attention-seeking of the audience. These strategies involve unboxing products and giving away free products, engaging a smaller audience and the list goes on. Influencer marketing has changed the game of marketing and the impact it has on its users is pretty amazing.

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