Nowadays, everyone’s just stuck inside their homes. As a result, they discover new hobbies or go back to exploring old interests. One of which is gaming and streaming online.

If you’re already a gamer or an avid fan of live streams, you might already know what Mixer is. For those who don’t, Mixer is a streaming service that’s owned by Microsoft. The company renamed it (previously Beam) after the acquisition.

Mixer continues to grow and provide a space for a positive streaming community. Also, you want a head start on this platform you can consider buying Mixer followers to build an audience. To build social proof to your stream, you can also purchase Mixer viewers that are from real users.

If you’re interested in streaming on Mixer then you’ve come to the right place.

In this post, we will share with you on how to stream on Mixer.

Where to start

Let’s say that you’ve got the gaming equipment and setup ready at home. But before you play and go live on Mixer, you need to have an account first. 

  1. In doing so, head to If you look around,  you wouldn’t see the ‘Create Account’ option on the initial landing page. 
  2. You’ll have to click ‘Sign in’ on the upper right portion of the screen.
  3. You’ll be asked to log in with Microsoft or create a new account on the platform. The new mixer account will be linked to your Windows 10 device automatically. If your Xbox One is under the same Microsoft account, it will also be connected immediately.

When you’re done, you’ll have to request a stream key. This is the unique number for when you use software beyond the built-in tools of Windows and Xbox One. There’s usually a waiting time to process this request, so you’ll have to be extra patient.

Once you’ve got one, you can stream! But remember to keep your Stream Key private. If someone else has got their hands on it, they’ll be able to stream on your channel.

Streaming Mixer from Windows PC

By default, your PC should allow Mixer to broadcast your game. But if you want to check, just log in and go to the Xbox settings page online. In the Online Safety section, you’ll have to toggle the ‘Broadcast Gameplay’ option and you’re done!

Now back to your PC. Here’s how to start broadcasting:

  1. Launch the Xbox app or start a game in the menu, just like you would with any other game. 
  2. When it starts up, hit the Windows key + G to open the gaming menu. 
  3. Click the ‘Start Broadcast’ button to prompt the Mixer menu, where you’d be asked to click the same button. This overlay menu will have the basics like your webcam’s position in the stream and turning your mic off.

Voila! You’re done! With Microsoft owning Mixer, setting up the broadcast in your PC is easy as pie. 

For the specific broadcast settings, however, you’ll have to go to your PC’s actual Settings app. Click the Xbox logo, which symbolizes the Gaming section. In this window, you’ll see more settings that will help improve your stream’s performance.

Let’s talk about the basic stuff you should know here. First, the ‘Broadcast Audio’ section. 

Turn the switch on for recording the audio, so that your viewers could hear you during the broadcast. There’s also a dropdown menu where you can choose the audio quality in your stream.

In the Camera settings, you can choose the source of your webcam input. You can use the built-in webcam or have an external one connected to the PC. You can also decide if your cursor would show up on the screen or not.

That’s it! You’re up for broadcasting with your Windows PC.

Streaming Mixer from Xbox One

Now, for Xbox One users out there. This one’s easy as well, knowing that your Microsoft account is most likely connected to your console. If it’s not, you can go online and just link the Microsoft account to your Mixer account.

This one goes for those who signed up with an email, Discord, or Twitter account. It’s best to just use your existing Microsoft account because you’ll have to manually link it up as well.

Streaming Mixer with other devices on Mixer 

Despite the ease of broadcast with Microsoft devices, it’s complicated to broadcast gameplay in other devices through Mixer.

What some people do is connect their non-Microsoft consoles to the Xbox via HDMI. Then, they would use the Live TV app to see the game screen through the Xbox. However, Mixer won’t recognize this as a game. 

This means that you won’t be able to broadcast it to your channel. Even if you manage to configure it as a ‘game,’ the Xbox might block it due to possible copyright violations.

So if you’re a beginner who’s planning to stream on Mixer, you should start with Windows PC or Xbox One.


One of the great things about Mixer is that it’s free. You can just sign up and start broadcasting right away. But because of that feature, there are some in-app purchases that you might encounter.

One of which are ‘Embers.’ These are the premium currency that unlocks the limited features on the website. You also have ‘Sparks,’ which helps you enable and purchase games and form group streams.

Overall, Mixer is an easy and underrated streaming service. Although there are limitations, Mixer is pushing for expansion and native support of non-Microsoft consoles like the PS4. If you’re techie enough, you’ll also find some workaround for these locked features.

Have fun streaming!