The Microsoft owned streaming platform “Mixer” was originally known as “Beam”. Microsoft acquired Mixer few years ago. It is a platform exclusively for streamers and gamers where all can get together and enjoy the streaming of their favorite game player. It is mostly used by gamers as it allows them to test their skills and content creating capabilities. Along with professional e-sports players, amateurs also try streaming who just want to gain a small number of followers.

Mixer has made streaming easier for pc and Xbox users. It is not easy to gain followers and start earning as an influencer as it takes a lot of time and skills that can motivate people to watch your content. Professionals streamers can also generate revenue through MIxer. As mixer uses a site-wide currency known as “Sparks”. The viewers earn digital points just by watching the live streams and these spark points are then transferred to the streamer. Once the spark points are transferred to the streamer, with a certain threshold these points can be turned into actual revenue.

Revenue can only be generated if your account has an age of 2 months and at least 2,000 followers. This means that your channel must be grown and should be known by people to generate revenue. In this post, we will be discussing on how to grow your channel on Mixer.

Set a Schedule

The first thing you have to do as a streamer is to set a schedule. Let people know what time do you stream. This allows you to get more viewers and followers. Streaming on MIxer is not like a TV show. People know that it is for one time and if they miss it, they will probably regret it. If you want to attract people towards your content, then create a schedule and follow it strictly. This will help the viewers to watch your streams easily. If you don’t set a schedule, people will never know where to find you and will probably give up finding you.

By setting a schedule you allow people to watch your stream that will directly affect gaining more followers. Not only it will help you get more followers but some of your loyal fans will subscribe, donate and most importantly tell their friends about your content. This will help your channel to grow.

Engage Your Audience on Mixer

The best way to grow your channel and get more views on your streams is to engage your audience. Being interactive with the audience allows them to come back to your stream. While playing and streaming, talk to your viewers and get them involved in the game. The more you talk with the people and listen to what they are saying, the more chances will be of them coming back.

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Grow Your Network on Mixer

To grow your network, you need to start contacting other streamers. You can probably start with the streamer that you find entertaining. Contact every streamer you can despite their followers. You can also start by contacting the streamers that play the same game as you and then move on to streamers that are in a different category of gaming. These relationships do not always need to be business-oriented. You can be friends with them. You can simply chat with them and once in a while ask for a shout-out.

Offer to do the same for them. It will be a win-win situation for both of you as both the channels’ viewers will be increased. Besides just talking and doing shout-outs, you can collaborate with them and hop in the stream at the same time. It will allow the viewers of both the channels to see the connections and development that you’ve made through your gaming and streaming journey. In this way, you can get exposure to a huge audience.

Setup Your Equipments For Streaming on Mixer

Better quality equipment will allow you to stream more professionally. The more good quality equipment you have, the higher quality will be your broadcast. You can optimize your equipment by getting a good quality webcam and a highly responsive mic. So that your viewers can see and hear you perfectly.

Despite getting the best webcam and mic, you should have a good lighting setup in your room. The RGB lighting strip can best work for gaming purposes. For example, if you playing a horror game you can adjust your lighting by setting it to dark and deep red. This will attract the audience as they will see the work that you have done in creating such an environment.

Work On Your Personality

This is one of the most talked and criticized topic as no one likes to hear against their personality. Everybody has their personality that cannot completely resemble to another. But if you want to gather the attention of your audience and get a good number of followers, then you need to work on your personality. Because people like confident and bold people, those who never back from what they have done or said. You should have a high energy personality that creates a good relationship with the audience.

The basic work that can be done to improve your personality is to first learn to be an entertainer and then a streamer. This will give you an advantage over other streamers. You can stream and also entertain your viewers at the same time. As people will get to know you, they will share your channel and it will help your channel to grow.

Decorate Your Work Space

Streaming is a work that most professionals do to earn money. It is important to keep in mind that during streaming people can see behind and around you. Most of the streamers do not consider this important thing.

Decorate your space so that if people judge you on your environment, you can be in their good books. This not only creates a good look but boosts your professionalism that every viewer wants to see.


Mixer is one of the best platforms for streaming. Although its competitors are giants like Twitch and YouTube gaming. But the easiness of streaming through a pc and Xbox set Mixer aside from the other streaming platforms. To grow your Mixer channel, some of the things can be taken into consideration.

The first of the few things is to stream on a particular time and set a schedule. This allows the viewers to come online and see what you’re up to. Secondly, you can contact and develop friendly relations with other streamers, no matter how big or small the audience they attain.

Streaming together with other gamers will allow you the get the most of the audience. Last but not the least effective is to interact with your viewers. Engage your viewers to your content. These are the best ways that can help you to grow your channel on MIxer.

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