I think you’ll agree when I say:

Growing a huge following on Mixer takes time and effort.

What if I told you that it doesn’t have to be that way?

In fact, there are many ways and strategies that you can use to grow your followers on Mixer.

In this article, you will discover how to get more followers on Mixer.

Let’s get started.

Buy Real Mixer Followers From a Reputable Provider

One of the fastest methods to build an audience on this platform is to buy Mixer followers from a reputable service provider.

While it is true that there are lots of marketing vendors that offer mixer followers, you can’t be too complacent. Most of the vendors that are selling followers that doesn’t bring you the results you want.

For example, getting an audience that doesn’t watch your stream.

What’s the point of getting lots of followers without any engagement right?

This means it will only put your investment into waste.


You need to know how to vet the right vendors that offer this service.

Below are some of the salient factors that you must consider to find a legitimate vendor of Mixer stream followers that will surely boost your social media presence.

Zero Bots. 

Whatever support that you need from an online vendor- from asking simple tweaks to hype your League of Legends gaming experience or maybe you want to solicit innovative ideas on how to craft appealing Twitch panels, see to it that no BOTS are involved in the process.

Why did you ask?

Bots are illegal software that outsources ‘fake ‘ engagements on any social networking site.

Since all the interactions propagated by bots are not real, you will suffer from poor web traffic at the end.

Bots will never give you a higher click-through rate, but will just compromise the integrity of your channel.

If you learn that a vendor is utilizing bots, end the deal immediately.

Tip: You can create a channel to test from multiple vendors. This will allow you to know which services gets you results.

Verified Followers.

Make sure that the viewers that they will link to your every live stream are REAL. It is also essential that all the viewers are not paid or incentivized.

In other words, people will watch your stream, not for anything else, but because they really like your live streaming topics.

Getting a good engagement rate from real people will grow your following on any social networking or streaming sites.

Check Reviews

Not sure which vendors are right for you?

Check their reviews!

To ensure that you are using the service from a legit vendor, you can read tons of online reviews.

Just go and search for “vendor name + reviews” and check what others are saying.

Read all the low-rating reviews first.

Are they delivering on time?

Do they get results for their customers?

Are their customers happy with the services?

These are just a few examples. Check a few marketing vendors before you make a purchase.

Check their price

Of course…

If you want to promote your channel, you must also consider the cost that you need to invest.

So, if you are planning to use their service, check the price list.

If you do you check out a few marketing service providers, you will realize that the price might varies.

Well, it is best that you go for the one that provides the result you want.

Don’t go for the cheapest service.


You get what you’ve paid for!

In fact, service providers that are able to provide at a low cost are because they are using bots.

You’d need to find the right service providers that offer both reliable service and price.

Engagement Rate

You must also check if the vendor offer service that gets you followers with engagements.

The traffic you are getting should be from people who will watch your channel.

By getting engagement for your stream, you will get more awareness and organic traffic.

This is because you will rank higher on the search results of this platform.

Customer Support Service

You can also tell if a vendor is legit once it provides a transparent and reliable customer support service.

Excellent customer service must be 24/7 ready to help you in whatever concerns that you want to be addressed.

You can know if the customer support is good or not by contacting them and check how fast they respond to your inquiry.

Use Bots to Get Followers

Some streamers utilized bots to generate more followers.

It is a script or software that is programmed to generate thousands of fake accounts and follow your channel.

In fact, we don’t recommend you to use bots to gain new viewers to grow your stream.

Well, this is not a safe method to be using.

Imagine having thousands of fake accounts following your channel but there’s no view or engagements whenever you start streaming.

Yes. It does help to show social proof but it does not help to get you any engagements.

Use Free Organic Methods to Gain Followers

Is it possible to encourage more people to watch your streams using organic methods?

The answer is Yes!

Just like in other social networking sites, there are many strategies that you can apply to generate new viewers on Mixer without using bots. 

Here are some of the free methods that you can use to boost your live streams and catch more viewers online. 

Stream Regularly

The way to excite your viewers is by streaming at a fixed and constant schedule.

Let them know exactly when you will be streaming and make sure you are consistent.

This way, you will not waste the time of your viewers trying to randomly wait for your stream even in the wee hours of the day.

If you go live regularly, your viewers will be able to fix their schedules ahead of time and enjoy your stream right from start.

Apart from having a regular stream, you also need to ensure that you reinvent, innovate, and present a new topic (aside from gaming) every day to hook more viewers.

Quick Tips:

  • You can also stream on your YouTube gaming channel at the same time to get more audience.
  • You can also cut out some interesting or the best part of the stream and share it out to your other social media channel.

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Always Engage With Your Audience

Being kind to your viewers must be innate to your character if you want to be a successful streamer on any social media platform.

You must engage, react, and read even the minute details such as the comment name or login registration detail of your viewer.

You have to make your viewers feel that you value their sentiments to establish a strong tie that they will appreciate even if you’re not online.

Apply Streaming Best Practices

Another tip to become successful on the Mixer streaming platform is to always abide by the social media protocols and best practices.

Respect all the people who watch your content.

For instance, if there are writers who always catch up with your streams, see to it that you also give some time to support writers in the best way that you can. Maybe, you can include the life of the writers as a topic for your next live feed.

Connect With Other Streamers

If you want to expand your reach online, the only way to do it is to connect with other live streamers.

This technique suits best for newbies who are trying to build a reputation online.

You must follow top-rated online influencers and streamers to get a good grasp of the content that you need to produce.

You can also post your working email address to solicit more ideas on how you’ll start a good live stream.

And if you’re lucky enough to get a shout out from a top-rated streamer, this will become your major springboard to gain massive exposure without paying for even a single penny.

What’s The Best Approach To Gain Followers

Getting an audience online is not a no-brainer.

This requires lots of effort and creativity to become a top-rated live streamer.

You can try to use bots, but don’t expect to get the best results. As a reminder, bots don’t help you get engagements, unlike real humans do.

If you don’t want to use bots because it is expensive which defeats the purpose of getting engagements, you can try the free methods of outsourcing viewers.

However, if you prefer the free methods, this will take a longer time and patience.

Instead of using illegal bots or utilizing the ‘uncertain’ free ways to gain more supporters and viewers, it is best if you will just reach out to Market Sentinel.

We got a tried-and-tested service that will surely help you to build a following by real people (not bots). With our long years of experience in this industry, we are confident to provide you a positive turnout the soonest possible time.

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