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We at Market Sentinel offer the best deals so you can buy Medium followers at an affordable price. We boast the top position for having an affordable rate on the market. In fact, we offer exciting discounts for bulk orders. But make no mistake, our Medium followers are real people with real Medium accounts. Our team is keen to sift through different profiles and make sure that only people with high-quality profiles follow you.

The focus is on making sure we help you get access to as many Medium followers as possible. These are Medium followers who are indeed interested in your content. Medium Followers who will not drop along the way as time advances.

If yours is a relatively new account, then no doubt you need to purchase Medium followers. This will help propel and accelerate your growth and command on the platform.

As Market Sentinel, we have gone out of our way to make the process of buying Medium followers exceedingly easy. Our virtual assistant will work tirelessly to provide you foolproof, fast results.

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Why you Need to Buy Medium Followers


With its capacity to get more real engagements than Twitter, no doubt that you want to be influential on Medium. But if you want your profile to become top-rated, you need first to draw a lot of Medium followers. You can do this by publishing excellent content and interacting with the other users. But if you want to generate thousands of Medium followers in a flash, there’s a tweak! Just purchase Medium followers!

The following are some of the reasons why you must purchase followers:

  • Instant Boost of Reputation. The best thing about purchasing followers is that it can make your profile top-rated in just a couple of days or weeks. Indeed, the delivery of the results is extremely fast. This will be a less hassle and a great advantage for your marketing plan. No need for you to hire excellent writers and editors to publish compelling content if you buy followers. Once your profile gets a decent rating online, expect that more and more people will follow and share your daily published story.
  • Grow Your Network Fast. Another significant reason why you must purchase followers is that it can make your network grow fast with quick delivery of return of investment. This is because Medium has a built-in feature that will allow you to connect with your existing friends on other social media sites.
  • Higher ROI. You must purchase tons of followers so that you will get a higher ROI (Return of Investment) turnout. Keep in mind that the more followers that you have, the higher will be your ranking on Medium’s algorithm. And this is a significant thing, especially if you are running a business online. Once you have lots of followers, every story that you write on this platform will surely land on top of the algorithm.
  • Easier to scale your brand. When you have a huge following on Medium. It helps to enhance your profile and advertise it effectively to the target market and community as trust is a huge factor. You get to reach more people, mainly through writing. Most likely, these people will become your regular readers as well. Purchase Medium followers to establish yourself as an authentic, highly experienced writer on the platform.
  • Better ranking. When you have a huge audience, you’ll get better engagement for all your posts or story. This means that you’ll improve the visibility of your story as you have a better engagement rate. People looking for a story braced around your topic will see yours among the top stories in their search results

Why Market Sentinel is the Best Site to purchase Medium Followers


No Bots Service

We at Market Sentinel channel followers to your account organically. In other words, we do not use bots in our followers, likes, and other outsourcing services.

So, if you purchase Medium followers from us, expect a continuous delivery of real Medium connections.


Since we do not use bots in outsourcing connections, we assure you that all the followers that we route to your profile are real.

You can check the veracity of your followers on the dashboard that we will provide.


Market Sentinel provides genuine connections for a very reasonable cost. And this comes with very prompt delivery.

Also, we offer a complete line of Medium followers sourcing plans to address the clients’ diverse demands.

So, whether you have a tight budget or got enough funds, you can find the right service at Market Sentinel.

100% Safe & Secure

Unlike our competitors, we do not ask for any personal information upon the delivery of the orders.

What we just need is the link of your Medium profile that we will flood with genuine Medium connections.

Commendable Customer Service

We at Market Sentinel truly care for our clients. Thus, we ensure excellent customer service.

You can anytime send questions to our competent and friendly support staff.


You will never go wrong if you purchase Medium followers from Market Sentinel. Why? Because we are experts in this field!

Our long years of experience have equipped us with the necessary knowledge on how to do efficient delivery of real connections.

You can add this to the fact that we already developed a very effective contingency measure if in case a glitch occurs in any of our digital support services.

How to buy Medium Followers


  • After you pay for a particular package, we will immediately provide you access to the service dashboard. You just have to indicate your Medium profile on the dashboard for us to start generating Medium followers.
  • We process your request right after your payment. But if in case you have different email and PayPal accounts, we need more time for verification.


Frequently Asked Questions About Buying Medium Followers

Are your Medium Followers from Market Sentinel Real & Legit, or are They Fake Followers From Bots?

  • We at Market Sentinel provides genuine Medium followers to our clients. With this, you are assured of getting organic genuine web traffic.
  • We will never spam your account since we do not use bots in generating connections. In fact, we provide a transparency dashboard for clients to check the veracity of the accounts that we outsourced.

What are Medium Followers Bots?

  • These are software that are used to outsource Medium followers, Medium claps, and other engagements in just a few days. This is an illegal method of getting more connections for your account. Hence, this will put your account into a great risk.

Can I buy Safe Medium Followers at Market Sentinel? Will I have issues with my account on Medium?

  • You will never be banned if you purchase followers on Market Sentinel. As mentioned earlier, we do not use bots to get Medium engagements or followers. We also need several days before we send legitimate connections. With these, you are assured that all of your Medium followers are legitimate and came from active users of Medium.
  • We do not ask for any personal information, so definitely you are safe! All the information that we need to start the job is only the link to your Medium profile. Nothing more, nothing less!

Is it possible to speed up the delivery process (TAT) of Medium Followers? Is it Safe to Deliver My Order Faster?

  • The speed and number of days needed for the delivery of orders vary depending on the specification of your Medium account. We will consider the type of your profile, the services that you provide, and the particular market that you want to target. However, on an average basis, we provide 133 followers to our clients within three days. If you order 270, we need five days, and the other packages will take more than ten days to complete the delivery.
  • Also, we do not send orders in bulk in a matter of a few days only to avoid spamming your Medium account.

Is Market Sentinel’s Medium Followers Cheap?

  • We are not the cheapest providers of Medium followers, but definitely, our rates are reasonable! That is why you need to be cautious if you find a company that offers followers for an extremely low price. Most probably, these people are hoaxes!

Can I Target Users From Certain Countries Only (geo-target)?

  • We do not allow this kind of customization. This is because we want to establish organic web traffic and to grow your network naturally. If in case your account only works in a particular location, just send queries to our customer support team.