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Normally, when you’re giving a captivating speech in front of a group of people, they applaud you and clap in support. The same principle applies when you write appealing content on Medium. Once you post your story and make it public, your followers and other people on Medium get to read it. If they really like your post, they will leave a clap to show that they did.

If you’re looking to become more popular on Medium, you need to produce high-quality content and hope to gather as many claps as possible on the same. But there being dozens of articles being published every passing minute, your article soon gets buried in the deep before anyone gets actually to read it.

Your ultimate solution? Buy Medium Claps from Market Sentinel. This will not only ascertain that your story becomes popular, but it will also help keep it that way for a very long time.

Buy Medium claps. Market Sentinel is your trusted partner. We will help you get authentic people with Medium accounts to clap for your stories for good!

Why You Need To Buy Medium Claps

  • Immediate Results. Medium claps are reliable indicators that you matter online. In other words, the claps signify that your published articles are making good rounds on Medium. But if you will just depend on your regular writing of articles, you will not get positive results anytime soon. Not unless if you are a famous personality, it will take you years to draw a considerable amount of Medium followers. But if you want fast results and find a more natural way to rank your profile higher on Medium, better outsource Medium claps from Market Sentinel now.


  • Post Enhancer. You are on Medium platform to publish longer articles that cannot be posted on other social networking sites such as Twitter. Meaning to say, you will capitalize much on the content production to generate more Medium claps and get to know more users. However, users of Medium are very hard to please. Most of the time, people are subjective in terms of giving claps to Medium posts. Thus, if you want your account to generate more engagements, you really need to do some tweak. And the best tweak is to buy Medium legitimate claps at Market Sentinel!


  • Master the Algorithm. All online platforms utilize algorithms in ranking the reputation of their respective users. So, for your articles to become viral on Medium, you must know how to deal and trick the platform’s algorithm. One way to befriend Medium’s algorithm is to flood your posts with lots of claps. There are legal and illegal means to syndicate your claps on Medium. But of course, we only recommend the legal way- and that is buying of genuine claps at Markey Sentinel.


Why Market Sentinel is the Best Site to Buy Medium Claps

No Bots

You must buy claps only at Market Sentinel because we do not use bots in our services.

What can you get from us are Medium claps from genuine people. Since our platform does not use bots, you are assured of getting organic web traffic. Organic traffic will help you get more real followers.

Genuine Claps

We assure our clients that the claps that we provide are genuine. We follow a system in generating real Medium claps without violating the Terms and Conditions of Medium.

We want to be always transparent with our clients; thus, we provide them with a dashboard for checking the veracity of the Medium claps that we provide.

Fair Engagement Distribution

Most of the providers of Medium followers and claps cannot guarantee a fair distribution of engagements. In other words, the claps that you will get are most likely automated and sourced from one region or location only.

And once Medium detects this trend, your profile will probably get a spam red flag. If you don’t want to get sanctions, better buy claps from Market Sentinel.

Our Medium claps are generated randomly and proven effective in channeling organic engagements and web traffic.

Affordable Service

Our genuine Medium claps are very affordable. In fact, our line of packages only starts at $18.00. You just have to look for the perfect package that will suffice your needs.

With this, you don’t have to worry even if you have a very tight budget. We at Market Sentinel vows of providing top-notch social media support services even for the lowest price.

Trusted Service

Another reason why you must entrust your Medium claps needs to us is because of our unmatched and unquestionable experience.

We know how to provide you with genuine claps, and if in case some glitch occurs after a few days, just send a message to our competent customer service team.

100% Safe & Secure

Market Sentinel will not ask for any personal information from its clients and other users.

We are doing this to protect the rights and privacy of our clients. Our years of experience taught us that getting personal information will just make our clients vulnerable to online threats. We are also very keen on details on the mode payment.

We will verify your PayPal account before sealing the deal. Now, if you have a PayPal account that is different from your working email, we will need a few more hours for the thorough verification process.

How To Buy Medium Claps

  • After your payment, we will immediately give you access to the service dashboard wherein you will share the link of the Medium story that you want to boost.
  • Once you supply the dashboard with the link/s of the target Medium story, we will immediately process your order. However, if your working email is not the same as your PayPal, we need more time for verification.
  • We will deliver  your Medium claps on time.

FAQs About Buying Medium Claps


Are Your Medium Claps Real or Fake? Are They Generated Using Bots or Using Legit Methods?

  • Our Medium claps are all GENUINE. We do a legitimate business of helping you find real people that will carve clap hits to your different Medium posts.
  • Using bots is a BIG NO for Market Sentinel. We will never resort to using bots just to dig fake Medium claps for you. We at Market Sentinel only follow the right way of boosting your engagements to help you run a very successful online campaign.

What is Medium Claps Bots? Why Market Sentinel don’t use them?

  • Medium claps bots are software that are used to automate the production of Medium claps. While it is true that you will get a tremendous influx of claps if you use bots, this will not serve its purpose. Instead of ranking high on Medium, claps bot will just compromise your profile. Worst, this may lead to a permanent ban of your account.

Will I get into trouble if I buy Medium Claps?

  • You will not get any sanction if you buy claps from us. This is because we always provide genuine Medium claps to our clients. This means that the claps that we will channel to your profile will be coming from real Medium users. Hence, Medium’s algorithm will never flag your account as spam since we will only route organic traffic to your end. Indeed, if you buy Medium claps from Market Sentinel, you are 100% safe!

Will I Receive my Medium Clap Orders Fast? Is it Okay if I Will Request a Faster Turnaround Time?

  • The time of delivery will depend on the type of your account and the number of claps that you want to have. But normally, we send around 250-500 claps in just one day. Now, if you will order 1,000-2,000 claps, we need another five days to deliver your orders. However, for the premium packages, it will take a couple of months for us to complete your requests.
  • We do not flood your profile with claps in bulk to protect your account from being tagged as spam. We will start the delivery of your orders immediately after you made a payment. However, in the following days, we will make the delivery of your orders discreet.
  • We cannot promise soonest delivery time since we are using a legitimate system to outsource genuine Medium claps. You have to remember that we need to wait for several hours to solicit engagement from real Medium users.

Is Market Medium Claps Cheap?

  • Our Medium Claps packages are very affordable! But despite our cheaper charge, you can expect full commitment and service from us. If you want to know the specific package for you, just contact our customer service.

Can I Order Medium Claps From a Specific Place (Geo-targeting)?

  • No. We will never filter the sources of the claps that we provide to our clients. Apart from this, we also do not filter the demographics of the Medium users that we will target just to get more claps. We want things to be as natural as possible. We are doing this because we want your profile to generate organic web traffic. Keep in mind that organic web traffic will make your profile more reputable on Medium.