LinkedIn has gained over 500 million users as the social media platform for professionals. It has provided a huge network for professionals and a platform to connect and find companies, employees, and clients. It may seem easy to gain connections with the million users present on LinkedIn but being connected with the right network will be much more helpful for you.

Connecting with other professionals can be done with just a click. Through this, you can see their posts, interact with them, and send a message if you’d like.

But how can you increase your connections aside from these? Here are 8 ways to grow your LinkedIn connections:

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set your goals

1. Set Your Goals To Grow Your LinkedIn Connections

It is important to set your goals on why you want to grow your LinkedIn connections because this will help you adopt and implement strategies in increasing your connections. Half a billion users are out there but it is futile if you cannot connect with the right people. The opportunities are not the same if you’re following connections that do not share your goals.

Sharing your goals on your profile will also be helpful to invite the right people as you will not be the one always finding connections. You should also let yourself be found by the people who need you and this will be easier if they have similarities.

share LinkedIn profile to social media

2. Share your LinkedIn Profile Link To Social Media

The easiest way to gain connections is to share your LinkedIn profile to your social media accounts. Your first connections will be the ones you personally know and the ones you’re acquainted with because you will most likely be in the same field with them or they might help you land a client or a project through their recommendations.

This is the powerful move that you can make because people you personally know may connect immediately to purchase or avail your product or service. They may also recommend you to their own connections since they can vouch for you. By simply posting your LinkedIn profile, it can reach to people you may not know thus, increasing your connections.

Join LinkedIn Groups

3. Join LinkedIn Groups

You can join small and big groups of your niche and groups you want to learn from. Groups can help you connect with diverse people outside of your reach by posting and sharing articles, images, and videos.

It can also be an avenue to conduct your market research, product reviews, and posting about your new products/services. You might also find your business partners and clients in groups so keep on interacting with their posts.

publish content on LinkedIn

4. Publish Quality Contents on LinkedIn

Posting in your LinkedIn profile can also attract new connections but it has to be of good quality. Simply posting about irrelevant stuff for the sake of posting won’t boost your profile. Manage when you will publish your posts and make sure that you publish it during peak hours.

Including images in your posts will also grab the attention of other people. Relevant articles may include product reviews, recommendations, and even suggestions to improve. Avoid posting about negative things or bringing down others. As they say, if you don’t have better things to say then don’t say anything at all. Here’s a guide on how to create LinkedIn articles that will get shares.

LinkedIn Connections

5. Interact with your Connections’ Posts on LinkedIn

Engagement is an essential thing in growing your connections in LinkedIn because it is a virtual place where you can connect so you should make more effort to get noticed. Once you’re connected, you start reacting to your connections’ posts by giving it a like, celebrate, love, insightful, and curious depending on your mood.

You can also comment on their posts and this is actually easy because LinkedIn suggests phrases that you can comment on a post. However, your connections will appreciate more if you comment with your personal insights. This will surely increase your engagement and exposure because your name will often show in their notifications.

LinkedIn Profile

6. Optimize LinkedIn profile through keywords

LinkedIn allows you to optimize your profile by using keywords just like in SEO. Be sure to post your job title, duties, and responsibilities because LinkedIn will show connections that have similar and related job titles, duties, and responsibilities. Choose carefully every word that you put on your profile because every word can be searched by many different people who are looking for you!

You can optimize keywords in your headline, summary, current work experience, past work experience, skills, and interests. Don’t miss out just because you did not maximize the keywords popularly used in your field.

LinkedIn Analytics

7. Track LinkedIn Analytics weekly

Data will be helpful for you to gauge your posts because it will help you determine what is working for you and what is not. LinkedIn analytics will show you the number of visitors of your profile, the number of your post views, and search appearances.

Learning about the demographics of your profile visitors and followers will help you engage more with them and target communication and even ads. You may also compare companies that are similar or related to what you are looking for. Numbers don’t lie so it’s best for you to have a weekly check-in of what’s happening in your LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn Endorsements

8.Say thank you to people who endorsed you on LinkedIn

Appreciate the people who have endorsed your skills because this would reflect in your character as well.  There will be people who will be recommending you and this is actually giving you an opportunity. This is a big thing because you might land a new job, gain new projects/clients, and meet business partners.

A thank you might be in the form of words or returning the kind gesture. It’s suggested for you to share your connection as well be it for their skills or business.  Recommendations are a touching gift you can receive and give to your connections.


LinkedIn is a great avenue to grow your connections online. Make sure you apply the tips that we shared with you in this post, you will get a lot of information, network, and new business opportunity which will then grow your brand online.

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