Everything we do we can now do virtually– even negotiations! But, there are still some clients who find it hard to trust the persons that they meet online. They feel that those people lack genuineness when they do the transaction via webcam or email messages compared to a face-to-face meeting. 

The aforementioned is the reason why you need social proof. It is the key influencer on how people decide about who they will do business with through the internet. People tend to scrutinize the experiences of other customers. That is why testimonials and celebrity endorsements have always been so powerful for a business in a very long time. 

As a matter of fact, social proof is one of the main reasons why social media became trending and utilized by many people all over the globe. Either our friends, members of the family, and other professionals are using it. Moreover, mastering the concept of social proof can contribute hugely to your success in social media. 

By building your social proof correctly, you will notice that your success grows exponentially over time. Your time and money investments will become more profitable and the benefits that you can get will also grow at a fast pace. 

If these things sound interesting to you, then let us move forward to discussing the ways to build social proof on LinkedIn. 

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Ask Your Friends For LinkedIn Endorsements 

LinkedIn endorsements are of big help! This is done by people who would like to certify that you really have or can do the specific skills that you listed on your LinkedIn profile. Getting these recommendations is helpful if you want random clients and strangers to believe that you are really credible and that you fit what they are looking for. 

Giving LinkedIn endorsements is a one-click process so when you ask your family, friends, or colleagues they tend to give it to you without that much thought. Therefore, you must take advantage of that! In some cases, there are also LinkedIn members who endorse someone else’s skill without knowing anything about that member. You are very lucky if you will encounter some!

Also, one of the techniques is for you to endorse someone else’s skills hoping that they will reciprocate the good deed. Remember that getting your skills endorsed will help lessen the skepticism of your clients!

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Get LinkedIn Recommendations From Your Colleagues

Your clients are likely to pay more attention and significance to the recommendations on your LinkedIn profile than the skill endorsements. This is the reason why it is a better form of social proof above anything else. 

Why are recommendations far more valuable? The reason behind this is that because a person who gave you the recommendation really put in some time and effort to write that. This is far better than the one-click skill endorsement, right?

Moreover, one of the reasons why LinkedIn recommendations are more powerful is that your future clients can authenticate the credibility of the person who wrote that for you by visiting and examining their profiles. Therefore, the more LinkedIn recommendations you have, and the more detailed each one is, the stronger your social proof will be. Thus, it will be easier for you to establish trust with your connections. 

Upload Your Case Studies

Your success stories can become a powerful tool for you to gain Social Proof on LinkedIn. You can type them, save them as a PDF file, and upload them to your profile as Rich Media. You can actually incorporate these into your Summary or Job Section. You may also opt to add them to the Project Section of your profile and invite your client to join this project. 

However, you might also ask about the layout that you should use. Don’t worry, it’s as easy as slicing a pie! Just first type in your client’s name, the driver of their problems, the challenges they encountered, the solutions that you have proposed, and the end result. 

Write Original Blog Posts

What better way to show your credibility than publishing original blog posts? Though writing blog posts and articles, you may share your insights, tips, and strategies. Don’t forget to pump in some values so that your customers will be more enticed. 

Blog posts are one way of showing your personality; of who you are as a person. Furthermore, you might also want to consider adding the common questions your clients ask you about and the advice that you can give them. Believe me, an effective post equates to a strong social proof!

Engage on Other People’s Content

You might also want to consider following the channels and thought leaders or the so-called “influencers”. You might get some quick tips on how they handle their profile and what they did to achieve such popularity. 

Moreover, don’t forget to engage in their content. Just simply add comments on their posts, publications, articles, and many more. However, you should make sure that the message on your comment will add value that is aligned with the content that you are commenting on. You can search for specific content on LinkedIn by using #hashtags on the search bar. You can read this post on how to get more engagement on Linkedin posts.

Upload Native Video

This is also one of the most powerful social proofs. What better piece of evidence can you provide your clients than showing through a video the moment that you sealed a deal. The native video feature on LinkedIn helps you with that.

It allows you to upload mini clips, usually videos that are three to ten seconds long. You can also talk here about your mantra of the day or the valuable short insights that you can share!

Something to Ponder On

Getting social proof on LinkedIn means that many people will believe that you are good on what you are doing. Therefore, if you are hoping to get more clients and seal more deals in the future then go work on establishing your social proof. We hope that this article can help you with that!