Anyone who owns blogs or writes, always stay hungry for views. Whether it be a new writer or a professional, everyone seeks traffic towards him. A writer wants to get famous for his content. To gain more followers, a writer should write regularly and publish across multiple platforms. But if you write about business and professionalism, then you need to be active on LinkedIn. Because LinkedIn is the only social media platform that primarily focuses on business. Being on LinkedIn will provide a boost to your content if it is related to business. It will generate quality traffic and subscribers to your website.

If you want to attain good public following and reputation, then you want to address a larger crowd. A crowd that is serious and really wants to read and learn. LinkedIn is just a perfect platform to gather such an audience. It is not as easy as it seems. Gaining attention from millions of users is difficult. It requires skillset and manipulative strategies. To boost the traffic and subscribers of the user, LinkedIn now features a publishing platform which is known as “Pulse”. Lets first discuss Pulse and what it does.

What is LinkedIn Pulse?

LinkedIn has introduced a publishing platform that allows the user to address a larger audience. Pulse was bought by LinkedIn in 2013. It features a personalized newsfeed according to your interest. The newsfeed consists of the content that your network posts and shares and also comprise of headlines that you might be interested in. It also consists of the trending topics from your extended network and posts from publishing platforms. So, you can drive traffic and get subscribers with ease.

What LinkedIn Pulse Can Provide For Businesses?

There are a few things but effective things that LinkedIn Pulse offers. It helps in getting more traffic and followers which is crucial for a business. The things that it offers are,

Huge Professional Crowd

The LinkedIn publishing platform allows the user to target a large audience that other guest blogging or even social media don’t. One way to get exposure is to address a huge crowd and the Pulse allows the user to do so. So, you can address and drive traffic and get subscribers to your website.

Short and Engaging Posts

People get tired of reading long articles and need a distraction from plain-text articles. Pulse allows the user to write an article below 1,000 words. Other blogging sites requires a larger content. Pulse prefer fewer words and content creation. This will also gain attention as people like to read short articles and can manage their time in reading too. This engages more subscribers and viewers to the website. If you want a shortcut to get engagement posts, you can check out Market Sentinel’s LinkedIn Marketing Packages. We recommend you to buy LinkedIn Shares to give your new posts more exposure. In Market Sentinel, we don’t use bots to provide our marketing services unlike most vendors.

Instant Publish

Pulse allows users’ post to an instant publication. There is no need to wait for any approval. Other blogging sites has a queue of approvals. The user has to wait even weeks for his article to get published. But here on Pulse, your post goes live as soon as you press the publish button. Your content reaches to people very soon and becomes a source of traffic and subscribers.

Using LinkedIn Pulse for Business

Traffic is the lifeblood of a business. That’s why it is important to get more traffic and followers. To do so, you just need to make posts and put the link to your websites.

  • Before thinking to write on Pulse, one should first learn all the tools and features of Pulse that he should not stick while writing.
  • After learning how to navigate all the tools, you should check on LinkedIn that Pulse is synced with it or not.
  • See the trending topics, politics and what other bloggers and leaders are writing about.
  • Research thoroughly before selecting any topic and go through a set of headlines. Select a prominent headline that will attract people towards it.
  • A headline must be attention-grabbing. It should target your audience in a way that attracts them to your article. A 6-word headline is considered to be good.
  • Once you select a headline, start writing on a secondary platform and not directly on LinkedIn.
  • After you are done with writing, go through the article once or twice. Edit the article and increase the readability content.
  • Once the article is completed, you can go to LinkedIn pulse and click on the publish button.
  • You need to add a link to the original post or your website to drive traffic.
  • Add an image as your cover photo which represents the article perfectly.
  • Use headings to make readability easy for the viewers.
  • Publish the article and promote it on different sites and social media platforms as well.

These were the basic steps on how to publish an article on Pulse that will gather attention and boost your traffic and subscribers. It is not necessary to follow these steps perfectly. But if one does so, he will surely be benefited. See the statistics and analytics about your post. It will show all the views and reviews you are getting.

Boost Your Traffic and Followers

There are some tips that one could use to boost the result of their article. The user should use keywords as he does on other platforms. Review other popular articles and check what keywords they are using.

Make sure that your profile has a professional value and reputation because it adds to the attention of the crowd. Pulse is not like any other blogging site and one should learn how to use it before starting to publish on Pulse.

It is not easy to get more followers on LinkedIn as it will take some time before you noticed some results. If you need a following on LinkedIn to get started, you can buy LinkedIn Followers from Market Sentinel. You’ll get real LinkedIn followers so you don’t have to worry about having issues with your account. Need more ideas to get more followers? You can read this guide on how to get more followers on LinkedIn Business Page.

Wrapping it up

The LinkedIn Pulse is just an add on feature or extension of LinkedIn. It provides the user with ease to publish and target a large audience. It is not like other blogging sites and has some particular rules that one has to follow. Social Media gives a boost to viewership and reputation if used correctly. LinkedIn is one of the best professional platforms to showcase your abilities and gather a huge amount of crowds. The Pulse provides ease in doing so.

Pulse not only allows the user to publish in front of a huge audience but it also allows the user to get the experience. The instant publication is one of the best features of Pulse and it doesn’t require any waiting for approval. Some of the tips on how to use Pulse are to use a good headline and keywords. This optimizes the search content and makes your article more visible to the eyes of the crowd. Besides publishing the article, editing and promotion should be done perfectly so that it attracts the crowd. After the publication, one should start promoting the article on different social media sites as well. As this will gather more attention and improve your marketing reputation. Pulse is an excellent source of driving traffic to your website.

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