When thinking of creating a company page on LinkedIn, you should not hesitate whether to create a page or not. LinkedIn allows you to share your content, tell people about what you’re doing and engage people towards your company.

If you are new to LinkedIn and want to optimize your company page so grow your online presence on this platform, then stay with us. In this post, we will share with you how to create and optimize your company page.

Steps to Create Your Company Page on LinkedIn

There are a few steps to create your company’s LinkedIn page. Let’s look at the steps.

1.Make Company Profile Page

Creating a company profile is not that difficult. You just need to verify the email address linked with your business and you are good to go. Next thing is to fill out all the information asked by LinkedIn. You can write a unique and indulging summary of what your company does and it should make people interested in your company.

Quick Tip: You can add some keywords to your description so that people may see it in their search section.

2. Add Profile Image

LinkedIn allows you to add a profile image associated with the business.  You can use your company logo can also be used as profile images. It is important to set up a profile picture because it showcases your authenticity. People may come to know that your company is working and being promoted on LinkedIn.

3. Start Connecting With People To Build a Following

After successfully making a profile, you can start connecting with relevant people to get the word out about your company’s existence. Connecting with people and employees will add to the popularity of the page. You can also ask your employees to share the profile and promote their company so that it can get a good standing on LinkedIn. Even if you can just connect with people in your industry, you will be able to get people to follow your LinkedIn company page. Unfortunately, this can be a very time-consuming task. That’s why most business owners don’t have the time to connect with people manually on LinkedIn.

If you are looking for a solution to this problem, you can buy active LinkedIn Followers. You’ll not only get followers on LinkedIn, but you will also get real users that are interested in your content as well.

Optimizing Company Page on LinkedIn

Now, let’s discuss how can you optimize your company profile page so that it is easier for your potential and existing customers to search for your company. What should be done to get noticed on LinkedIn? Some of the tips that can optimize the company page are discussed below.

1.Introduce The Company Through Video

Videos are excellent for telling stories. You can make a short introductory video for viewers who don’t know what your company is and what it does. Firstly, video is interactive and everyone enjoys watching a video.

So, you can start the video by giving your introduction and share with them how can your products and services help to solve problems. This will grab the people’s attention because most of the users do not use videos for introducing themselves to the crowd.

2.Posting and Updating

For people to know your company, you have to stay active and post regularly. This will give the user and viewers the idea of your activeness. Nobody likes an inactive company. The post should not involve business all the time but can involve some humor and trending topics in the community too.

Secondly, keep your profile updated. What it means is that even if your company has changed slightly, you should let the people know about it. If there is a post available, then you should post it on LinkedIn. Keeping things updated allows the viewers to view your company actively. This directly relates to the interest of people. This is one way to get the attention of people.

However, you cannot just post on LinkedIn for the sake of doing it. You need to create great content that gets shared. However, it is not easy to get likes and shares if your LinkedIn company page is still new. We suggest you read this post on how to get engagements on LinkedIn.

3.Create Engaging Headlines

Whenever writing a post or article, take your time to think of interesting headlines. This is because the headline is the most important part of your content. Most people don’t waste time to read the article. If the headline is engaging and interesting, then they give it a read.

It is important to think of a headline that is related to the topic as well and that develops public interest. A 5-6 word headline is considered to be good than usual.

Not just tell the topic of your article in the headline but be creative in developing a headline that portrays your skills and company status. A perfect headline gives a boost to the viewership of the content.

4.Create Showcase Pages

A showcase page is a secondary profile page that allows the users to promote the products and services that the company offers. It also consists of analytics; allowing the user to keep an eye on the people interested in your company and its services

For example, your company makes food and snacks. You can create a showcase page that highlights the best selling snacks. Or you can showcase your best selling products. It allows the user to highlight the specific brands, products, services, and aspects of your business. But these showcase pages also require authenticity that what you are promoting is your original content and not stolen from any other brand.

5.Expand Your Network

Just like other social sites, when you create a page and want it to be shared and known, it takes time to reach people. The same goes here on LinkedIn. Connections will automatically come when people will get to know your company.

To expand the network, the user should invest time in using keywords that people use. Search for the content that engages the crowd and interests them. Develop internal campaigns with your employees.

Check if this has any impact on the reputation and viewership of your company page. It will allow more people to get to know and will increase the reach of your content.


LinkedIn is a business-oriented platform where most of the people are professionals. They take LinkedIn very seriously and want to grow. It is not only a place to create promotions and market your product but a very interactive and formal market with a huge audience. A user can create his company profile on LinkedIn. If the user is new and does not know much about LinkedIn, then he will surely get to know with ease. The wonders it does and the attention it seeks are remarkable.

For any business profile to be known, one has to optimize the page so that people may find it interesting and worthy of their time. There are certain tips that one follows to increase the following of their page. The first tip is to be accurate. Give a dot-perfect detail introduction of your company and keep things updated at any cost. Second, before publishing a post or article think of an interesting headline. After that create showcases pages to promote your products and services. In the end, try to expand your network by all means. These short and easy tips will optimize the company profile page.

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