LinkedIn posts are limited to 1,300 characters. But when it comes to articles, the character limit is exceeded up to 125,000 characters. It allows the user to encapsulate his thought and engage people through his wisdom. An article allows the user to gain visibility and popularity. It is not that articles are dead, and no one reads them. People still read articles and are motivated by them too. The article allows the user to put his thoughts into words and share them so that more people can get to know about it.

Anyone can write an article, but to grab attention and people’s engagement is not a piece of cake. There are certain patterns and rules that one has to follow in order to write an article. Before starting with an article, one has to think of something that is interesting and people will love reading it. Some of the tips that a writer should follow while writing articles are as follows.

Add a Headline To Your Article

Before starting to write an article, think of a proper headline. A headline that is engaging and describes your article is worth giving a read. It should be like what a person can gain from reading the article and what information lies within the article.

For example, if you are a football coach and want to write tips about teamwork, then the headline can be written as “Mistakes in Understanding Teamwork”. This gathers one’s attention and would persuade him to read the article.

Follow a Format in Writing an Article

An article should be easy to read and understand. People are full of words and never think of using lesser words in an article. The readability of an article increases if you use short sentences and give your paragraph an average length. You should add bullet points and appropriate subheadings that will improve the readability of your article.

LinkedIn provides a formatting toolbar that allows the user to format the article. It includes changing your words into bold, italic and underline and also allows you to add bullets to your points. There is another option through which you can add the URL of your website. When someone reads your article and leaves feedback in form of a comment, you can reply to that specific comment, which will increase your engagement with the user.

1. Put Art in Your Article

One should add art to an article. Not everyone likes art in their article, but it is one way to catch an eye. It puts the writer in a good position. Not every time the writers will find a perfect picture, but if an image is relatable, it can be used. People enjoy art, images, and videos. It grabs attention and engages people in reading the article.

The cover image plays an important role and should be added at the top of the article. It is important to find a perfect cover image that portrays the article perfectly. It adds to the chances of getting people’s attention. Art and images engage people and allow them to give an article a read.

2. Publish and Share Your Article

One way to get more readers to your articles is to publish your article. Changing the privacy settings to the public will allow more users to read the article. Once the article is published, make sure to share it. It will allow the article to get more visibility. Adding keywords and proper hashtags in your article will get you top in the search bar. Whenever people will search for similar content, your article will be on top. You can also buy LinkedIn Followers from Market Sentinel to get more real and active shares for your article on this social media platform. To get more social proof on your specific post, you can get likes on LinkedIn with this service.

The views and comments whether positive or negative allow the user to get motivation. Positive comments ensure the user that his article is worth reading and getting enough views. Resharing your article also gives the viewers to read it and enables more views to the article. Because after a time, the article is hard to find, resharing it will allow the readers to give it a view.

3. Add Subheadings to Your Article

Articles should not look long. It should be precise and to the point. Adding subheadings to the article will allow the users to give it an easy read. Subheading also increases the readability and reading fletch ease. Subheadings are used to break long paragraphs into short and effective points. The readers find it easy to read, and it engages them in reading the article.

4. Edit Your Article

Once you write an article, take out some time to give it a thorough read. Reading loudly will help you see your mistakes easily. Then, edit the article according to your needs. Perfect sentences and use good vocabulary that is not very hard to allow everyone to understand it easily. Editing your article increases the correctness that allows the users to read it easily. There are some common words and grammar mistakes people make while writing an article, but while reading the article these mistakes can be corrected. Editing is pretty effective, and it allows to make corrections with ease.

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Articles are available in a bunch on LinkedIn. But to write a good article one needs to be good at vocabulary and grammar. The writer should follow the rules that will help the article to get many shares. To write an article, the first thing is to add a headline to the article. The headline should be sublime and easy, which centralizes the whole of the article. It is important to use a perfect headline because if the headline doesn’t match the article, then the article will get bad reviews.

Some other factors that are necessary to keep in mind while writing an article are to make your article creative. Using images and art will increase the number of views because people are bored reading plain-text articles. The article should be easy to read. Shortening the sentences and making bullet points will highlight all the aspects and will increase the article’s readability.

Last but not least are publishing, resharing and editing your article. These three things will definitely boost up the views and provide good attention to the article. No one is perfect, after writing the article, correction is necessary if you want your article to be shared. These are the perfect tips that one can follow to gain shares and engagement.

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