We all know that LinkedIn is a professional social media platform. So if ever you will be creating a post on your page, it should emanate the position of your organization as an industry leader. Furthermore, you should know that the LinkedIn page of your organization is the best place to share various industry trends and insights, and news specific to your company.‘

If you are not utilizing your company page by posting content, then you might be missing a big opportunity to attract and engage with your connections. As a matter of fact, there are 3 million companies with an established page on LinkedIn. While 87% of the platform’s users trust that it is a source of information that affects their decision making. Lastly, B2B businesses have a 61% success rate in customer acquisition. 

Satisfied with those numbers? If yes, then let us help you learn about the best practices for sharing content on LinkedIn pages. 

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Schedule Your Posts

It is essential that you post on your LinkedIn Page on a regular basis. Why? The reason behind this is that you will gain six times more followers when you post than when you don’t. This is true for organizations that have fresh content at least every month. 

We recommend that you follow the one post per day regimen. Most importantly, post during the early morning, lunchtime, or early evening. Remember that your audience in LinkedIn belongs in the working class so these are the only three times that they are most active.

Moreover, don’t think to post just from Monday to Friday because as mentioned before, your viewers are working. Take advantage of the weekends when you are sure that they have 24 hours per day to spare on reading your content. Believe me, if you follow this, you will receive more engagements!

Write A Short but Valuable Content

People are into LinkedIn because most of the content there sparks inspiration. They can relate to the problems, challenges, and even victories. Moreover, the articles shared through this platform helps them whenever they are making a decision in life, in their career, or in any other aspect. 

Therefore, writing valuable content is essential to the overall success of your social sharing on LinkedIn. Trust me, no one will want to read an article that doesn’t provide the reader with any value that they can take with them. That is the reason why you should share content on your LinkedIn page that is high-quality and at the same time relevant to your target audience’s needs. 

If they can relate or if they find some value in the content that you have just shared, your audience can share it. Wouldn’t it be the best way to promote your page? 

Moreover, you should know that the shorter your content is, the better it will perform. But, if ever that you may find the need to write a longer post, make sure that it is easier to digest by using bullet points and lists. Keep in mind that your audience is made up of professional people and that they are busy most of the time. 

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Make Use of Multimedia

It is essential to keep in mind that posts with visual media garner more engagements. This is the reason why we recommend that you upload presentation slides or pdf files to support your posts. You can also opt for an infographic material or poster to keep your content concise while sharing interesting statistics and key points. 

You might also want to create social cards with third-party applications. These are images designed specifically for LinkedIn use. It also comes with relevant tips and tricks for your audience. The social card will handle providing value to your audience without them having to dig deeper into your post. 

Make use of videos as well. If you want to integrate it into your LinkedIn post, either upload it directly or link it if the video is being hosted somewhere else. One of the benefits of doing this is that you will gain access to LinkedIn’s video analytics. Furthermore, the videos hosted on Linkedin are prioritized in the search algorithm rather than the ones hosted externally. 

One downside of this is that when your video exceeds ten minutes, you will have to put it somewhere else.  

Utilize LinkedIn’s Content Suggestion Tool

There is a tool in LinkedIn called Content Suggestion but, what does it do? With this tool, LinkedIn provides you with suggestions of new and exciting content to share. These suggestions resonate with what your target audience is looking for. 

To do so, you must first refine your search by choosing which industry, location, job function, and seniority your target audience belongs to. If you think that the results are still broad, you can still further refine that by adding topics. 

Next, you must review the results according to the topic and engagement rate. The list generated through this feature is a good source of inspiration for the next content that you might be creating in the future. If you have already found a valuable article, share it, and draft your own words that would speak and become impactful to your target audience. Moreover, don’t forget to include hashtags as those can aid in discoverability!

Don’t Overpromote

Once you have a good and valuable content posted, make sure to keep the promotion to a minimum. LinkedIn members will just get irritated if they are to receive a bunch of promotional messages from you. Remember, an occasional promotion is enough to do the trick for you!

Before You Share…

LinkedIn is now a growing social media network platform and lots of businesses are seeing it as a tool to upscale their position in their own industries. However, if you won’t keep up with the changing trends, the platform cannot work miracles for you. So, go on and take note of the best practices for sharing content on LinkedIn pages. Happy sharing!