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About Market Sentinel’s Amazon Review Service

Want to build more trust as a seller on Amazon? Getting real positive reviews is tough as an Amazon sellers when you first started.

The solution? You just need to buy Amazon reviews from a reputable marketing vendor, and you can boost your credibility of your products in no time.

When it comes to genuine postive reviews on Amazon, Market Sentinel is your best choice. We always provide authentic and verified reviews to our clients.

We have the best ways, tools methods to get real customer reviews on Amazon fast. Aside from the fast turnout, we have the most competent staff 24/7 ready to get authentic reviews for you. No worries, our strategy follows Amazon TOS so your account won’t have any issues.

At Market Sentinel, we are confident our service will boost your credibility for your products . Feel free to contact our support if you have any questions about our service.

Why you Need to Buy Amazon Reviews

If you want to increase your Amazon reviews organically, it is very time consuming . And as an Amazon seller who are looking for ways to get results fast, opt to buy positive product reviews on Amazon is the best way.

The following are some of the reasons why you need to purchase Amazon feedback.

  • Quick Turnout. If you purchase Amazon reviews, you don’t need to wait to build credibility for your products organically.
  • Hassle-free. Instead of waiting for feedback from your buyers, it is more convenient if you will just buy reviews. Once you have ordered the service, you can expect to receive positive review for your products.
  • Cost-effective. You will save a lot if you get real product reviewers to provide positive feedback for your product as compared to running online advertisements.
  • Advantage than your competitors. Purchasing reviews is also a method of have a head start in this platform. Because feedback actually influences your ranking on Amazon. The more positive feedback that you receive, the more likely, users will be clicking on your brand’s products which will help you to rank on the top of the listing than your competitors. This means that more people will get the chance to check out your item, and eventually, you’ll get more Amazon sales.

Why Market Sentinel is the Best Site to Buy Amazon Likes

Do you want to know why Market Sentinel is the most reliable vendor of Amazon reviews? Just read the following:

Don't Use Bots to create fake reviews.

Most of vendors who uses bots. This is to speed up their order delivery.

In Market Sentinel, we don’t use fake Amazon reviewers or resort to using bots just to send you feedback that are fake.

We want to you to have success by getting more sales using our service. That’s why every Amazon reviewer that leaves a comment are all genuine.

Follow Amazon TOS

You can also expect that every Amazon review that we send to you is real.

We don’t offer free products to get reviews. This is because it is against Amazon rules.

Quick Response

Within 24 hours after we confirmed your payment, expect that your order will be processed.

Our team at Market Sentinel, we start working to get Amazon reviews for you.

100% Safe

Our review services utilized legal ways of outsourcing reviews; thus, your account will never be marked as spam.

We have a professional marketing team to get reviews from real people who have Amazon verified accounts.

How To Buy Amazon Reviews?

  • If you want to try our Amazon review service, you need first to make payment. After we verified your payment, we will provide you access to our system. However, if you used a PayPal account that is different from your customer email, your order will be put on hold until our team finishes the verification process.
  • Once your payment has been verified, a dashboard will be sent to you. You are required to put the important details of the product that you want to generate reviews. You need to indicate the link, ASIN number, six keywords (max. for the standard feedback), and the seller name.
  • We will process your orders within 24 hours after you supply the dashboard with pertinent details.
  •  We will start sending Amazon verified reviews to you more or less 24 hours after we picked up your order in the queue.  
  • Our modes of payment are the following: PayPal (order is below $50, maximum of $800, separate orders), Payoneer ($51-$799 per order, maximum of $800, separate orders), ACH (for orders above $50), Wire Transfer (International).
  • Under our existing terms of service, every package is good for only one item. If you need more reviews for another product, you need to place another order.

Frequently Asked Questions about Purchasing Amazon Review

Are your Amazon Reviews Legit, or are they Fake?

  • At Market Sentinel, you will always get Amazon reviews that are authentic. With our capacity to provide you with verified reviews, we assure you that a lot of people will purchase your products just hours after we flood your item with authentic feedback.
  • We solicit Amazon reviews legally and send them to you unfiltered. We want to reflect on the real sentiments of the public. There are instances that out of the ten feedback that you order, one of these is actually negative feedback about your product. And this is just normal. Don’t worry; we will only charge you for the positive comment that you get.
  •   To get more reviews, our partner agencies may also run advertisements on other social media platforms. But all of these advertisements do not provide any incentives or give free products to people who want to leave a review of your products.

Can I buy Negative Reviews or Custom Feedback?

  • Yes. You can purchase a negative review for a particular product. We always ask our clients to specify their orders (in the dashboard) so that we will know what type of feedback we need to outsource.
  • At Market Sentinel, our negative review holds either 1-2 stars rating. For the positive feedback, you will get 4-5 stars rated review.
  • If you want to order a custom review for your product, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team.

Will I get penalized on Amazon?

  • Of course not. At Market Sentinel, every customer feedback that we post to your products is legitimate. We do not violate any provision of Amazon’s Terms of Service, so there’s no reason that you’ll be banned.
  • If you want us to promote your products, what we will need is only the relevant information about the items that you are selling. We will never ask for any personal information from you. At Market Sentinel, we always protect your identity.
  •   We only post reviews legally outsourced from real Amazon users. However, if you hire other third-party agencies to get reviews, there’s a big possibility that your account will be flagged anytime soon. That is why we advised our clients to always stick to our marketing plan and strategies to get reviews that are real.

Is the delivery of Amazon Reviews fast? Can Market Sentinel deliver them quicker?

  • The turnaround rate for our Amazon positive reviews will depend on some factors, including the quantity of the order, the kind of product, and the country. But on average, we finish orders from 21-90 days.
  • To avoid spamming your Amazon product and account, we post feedback following an unprecedented trend.
  • We cannot expedite the delivery of Amazon feedback since outsourcing a genuine review about your product also takes time. Just rely on our system and expect to boost your sales each day that we leave feedback about your products.

Is Amazon Review Verified & Cheap?

  • Yes. Every review that we post is verified. The comments that we post to promote your product are from real people who actually used Amazon in purchasing products.
  • Market Sentinel does not sell the cheapest Amazon review in the market. But what we can assure is that every review that we post will help a lot in promoting your products. We follow a cutting-edge system to generate authentic Amazon feedback from real people who are active on Amazon.
  • Compared to our competitors, we at the Market Sentinel provides cost-effective services. You don’t need to place duplicate orders to boost your products listed on Amazon. Expect that every review that we sent will draw more clients to your end.   
  • You have to be very careful with those agencies that are offering ‘too-good-to-be-true’ rates, most of them are not legitimate. If you really want to promote your products, you also need to consider the integrity and track record of the service provider, aside from the cost of service.

Can I target to get feedbacks from certain countries only (geo-target)?

We don’t have the option to have a single country targeting. However, you can select multiple countries targeting which is based on region.

What Will I do if Amazon Automatically removes a Review for a product?

  • We believe that reviewing on Amazon is as simple as ABC. In other words, we don’t complicate things. We only find people who are really interested in leaving a comment about your product. Now, it is very unlikely that a person who already purchases your product will decline to post a review. At any rate, if worse comes to worst, we will just offset it with another review to compensate for your payment.
  • If our reviews Amazon were removed for some reason, which is also unlikely to happen, we are ready to replace your order.